10 Years After – 47


For a while, we stood there silently. Even Gerberga was quiet as I held him.




“That is a strange sound.”

“It is.”


Gerberga began to shake violently again.


“I better check to see where it’s coming from.”


I tried to listen without making any noises.

This was the kind of work that I wished that Grulf would do.

However, he was sleeping so soundly, so it couldn’t be helped.


—ohh….it hurtsss…the pain….helppp…


“There was a voice.”



Gerberga was practically vibrating now.

He was really scared. I guess he was strong against vampires but weak to ghosts.


I held onto him tighter.


“Could it be an undead?”



As an illusionist, Luchila was calm, as most Sorcerers would be in this situation.

Ghosts were a good trick for illusionists to use.

It was usually Luchila who used such images to scare other people.

And so he was not afraid.


“It’s over here.”



I continued to hold Gerberga as Luchila and I went over in the direction that the voice was coming from.


“But there is nothing here…but this was where the voice was coming from.”

“There may be a hidden door.”


Just as I said this, Luchila’s eyes shone.

I understood the excitement that a hidden door aroused.


I was a seasoned Adventurer. And I was also the scout in our old party.

And finding hidden doors was easy for me.


It only took a little searching before I found it.


“Mister Locke, that’s amazing. I couldn’t see it at all.”

“This isn’t the typical kind of hidden door you might find in mansions. It’s a medium dungeon class.”

“Maybe there will be a treasure.”


Luchila was as excited as ever. He had completely forgotten about the ghost now.

I checked for traps before carefully opening the door.

There were stairs that led to the underground.



Gerberga was still frightened, and he pressed against me and stretched his neck over my shoulder.

I held Gerberga and slowly climbed down the stairs.


It seemed like there was a room at the bottom.

There were no windows, and it was completely dark. Even with my night eyes, I could not see anything.


“It is very dark down here. Can I create some light?”

“Do it.”


Luchila used the Magic Light spell.

In an instant, the room was filled with light.


And there was a human figure right in front of us.

Its back was turned towards us, and it was floating in the air upside-down.

The long, shaggy hair was hanging below it.



Geberga shuddered.


“It-it is a ghost! Does it have some kind of grudge!”

Even Luchila was shocked by this.

Upon hearing Luchila’s voice, a woman’s face rotated to look at us.

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