10 Years After – 53


As I wondered about such things, Milka was saying,

“Delicious, delicious!”

As she stuffed the food into her mouth.


Serulis was looking after her already.


“This tastes good too.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you want this as well?”

“Can I? You’re a nice lady! Thank you!”

“Do-do you want even more?”


Serulis seemed to really enjoy looking after people.

And she seemed to enjoy the compliment as well.


At the same time, Goran was patting Grulf on the head.


“I see, so you were not able to get up!”


“Bah, don’t be so down on yourself. Your time to shine will come soon enough.”


Upon hearing this, Shia added,


“Grulf is still a wolf pup. It cannot be helped that he wasn’t able to get up.”



Grulf tilted his head to the side.


“But he’s so big. And he’s still a pup?”


I couldn’t help but ask Shia.

Grulf was the size of a small horse.


“Sacred beast wolves become much bigger.”

“Is that right.”

“Grulf is…likely around 10 years old.”

“How many months would that be for a dog?”


Dogs were considered to be full grown adults at 1 year. I wondered how long it took for sacred beast wolves.


“The equivalent would be a 5-month dog. After all, it takes sacred beast wolves 20 years to reach adulthood.”

“Is that right. So Grulf is still a puppy.”



Grulf barked proudly as if to protest.

Perhaps he was the age when he wanted to be seen as an adult.

However, considering how he was last night, I could no longer see him that way.


“I see, I see. That’s very cute.”

So for now, I just patted him on the head.


After we finished eating breakfast, Shia decided to go to the Adventurer’s Guild.

She wanted to see if there were any good quests.


“Say hello to Ario and Josh for me. And tell them I will be there if they need any help.”

“Can I tell Ario and Josh about this house?”

“Of course. Since it’s my house now.”



Goran also left for work.

For a long time, he insisted that he would help me reinforce the tunnel, but Serulis rebuked him.


And Serulis stayed with us.


“I will help too!”

“I see. Thank you.”


And then we left the house to go shopping.

We needed materials to reinforce the wall.

I also wanted to buy a door to install in the room next to Eric’s bedroom.


I picked up Gerberga and left the house.

Grulf followed us as well. But he drew a lot of attention due to his size.


“The store that sells building stones is over there!”


Serulis had been raised in the capital and knew her way around it well.


“I also want you to buy cleaning tools for me.”

“Don’t worry, they are sold close to the same store.”



And so we enjoyed our walk through the capital.

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  1. I just realized, Lord Gerbaga could actually be Lady Gerbaga, as the title is Holy CHICKEN, not Holy Rooster. In that case, Grulf might end up being literally and/or figuratively henpecked. Maybe. It’d be hilarious. If I was writing this novel, I’d make it happen.

    • When they first met Gerberga was described as a good looking rooster. In the manga they have fun with Divine Cock (another term for male chicken) jokes.

      Chicken is gender neutral, hen is female, chick is gender neutral child

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