10 Years After – 64


Gerberga looked at them and said, ‘Cluck.’


And so I decided to help them.

“You don’t have to be so reserved.”

“Yes. You wouldn’t want this to go to waste.”

“I-I am honored!”

“Thank you!”


Shia and Luchila were in awe that the king had poured them some tea himself.

After they had taken a sip, Eric looked at them seriously.


“How do you like it?”

“It is delicious!”

“It is most wonderful.”


Luchila was so nervous, that he was starting to talk very strangely.


“But dear, they are hardly going to say it tastes bad if you ask them like that.”

“I see. Sorry.”

Eric looked a little embarrassed after Refi remonstrated him.


“Don’t worry. It is quite good.”

“Thank you, Locke. That makes me very happy!”


We continued to talk pleasantly for a while until Eric suddenly asked,


“By the way, what happened to that girl that was with you yesterday?”

“Milka? She is currently cleaning the bathing room with Serulis.”

“The bathing room? Now? And with Serulis?”

“Don’t ask me…”


Serulis seemed to have some kind of fixation with the bathing room.

But it would need to be cleaned at some point anyway, so I did not mind.

But it was still a little odd.


“You really don’t know?”

Refi said with exasperation.


“You understand then, Refi?”

“Of course, I do. And you’ll understand too, Locke. Once you go home.”

“I see.”


If I would find out later, then that was fine.

But more importantly, there was something I needed to tell Eric.


“So, about Milka…”

“What happened?”


I told him about everything that happened this morning, from the disaster that befell Milka to everything about Kabino. That Kabino had his hands in the slave trade.

Of course, I did not forget the details about the cursed ham and the storage of weapons.


“My god…”

Eric looked severe.


“But what is even worse…”

I told him that the investigation into Kabino had been halted in the past.

I had to tell him that there were nobles with suspicious ties and officials who were corrupt.


Eric listened to all of this with a serious expression.

And when I finished, he continued to look serious as he opened his mouth.


“Locke. I have a request to make…”

Apparently, Eric wanted to ask something of me.

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  1. Why do I feel that when a non servant cleans the bathing room, it means marriage or something?

    I wonder what the favor is? CRUSH ALL THE EVIL NOBLES? Maybe…

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