10 Years After – 65


I could see why it had been banned then.

Summoning a devil meant that you would be opening a gate into a different dimension.

It was a very dangerous thing to do.


“Something must be done now that it is used for breaking the barrier and not just summoning.”

“Yes. I had not thought that there would be people within the palace who were connected to the dark ones. Humans no less.’

“You also said that this Kabino had his hands in the slave trade?”

“I did.”
“The thing is, even if you had many slaves within the capital, it would be very difficult to take them outside.”

“That might be.”

“And it would be nearly impossible to sell them within the capital.”


“…Could he have been trying to use them as sacrifices?”


There would be no need to take them outside the city if they were used for sacrifices.

It was a frightful thought. It was unforgivable.


“I wish I could use my officials to start an investigation immediately.”

“…But some of them have interfered in the past.”

“And I wonder about these great nobles who are backing them. I do not know who the traitors are.”

“I see. And so you want my help.”


Eric nodded.


“Exactly. Who these nobles are and what their aim is. I want you to find that out.”

“Nobles, huh? Tricky.”

“If it’s necessary, you can use your position as Grand Duke.”

“If I told them, it would hurt me in the future…”

“I suppose you are right. Then I shall give you a necklace that will prove that you are the king’s representative on this matter.”

“You have such a thing?”

“I do.”


So saying, Eric stood up and left the room.

He returned quickly.


“Here it is. Take it with you, Locke.”

“You’re very prepared.”

My name was engraved in the necklace.


“I had a feeling that something like this would happen soon.”

“I see.”


He really was well prepared.

It might have been too late if he started acting only after I returned.

He must have predicted this would happen.


“I will do what I can.

“Thank you. Shia and Luchila. I want you to help Locke as well.”

“I understand!”


Shia and Luchila replied vigorously.

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    • He is an S rank mage and F rank swordsman. They are not courtesy ranks, they are based on skill level with the intent of matching adventurers to jobs they can survive

      So yes they can arbitrarily change rank possibly killing the lucky adventurer

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