10 Years After – 66



I asked Eric,


“Are there any nobles who you suspect?”

“There are some who seem very likely to be committing crimes. But I don’t know that they would be so horrible as to be involved in forbidden ham.”

“Of course.”


The summoning of devils and the breaking of divine barriers was a threat to all mankind.

The power struggle between nobles would have no meaning without human society.

What worth would kingship have in a world that was ruled by the dark ones?


“There is a possibility that they could be threatened or controlled by someone else.”

“Hmm. That would be most troublesome.”

“If that was the case, then we cannot be suspicious based off a person’s character alone.”

“Indeed. We must investigate without any bias.”

“I leave it to you.”


And then Eric said as if suddenly remembering,


“If you want the help of the intelligence organization, do it through Goran.”

“And not directly?”

“I think it would be better if the enemy did not know who was investigating.”

“I understand.”

“And Locke. Even if you don’t have anything to report, please visit every day.”

“Ah, yes. Alright.”


I could see how passionate Eric was.

This matter was very serious to him.


“Eric, I will do everything that I am able. But the district manager who is interrogating Kabino right now seemed like a very good man to me.”

“I see. That is good to hear.”

“But someone might try to interfere again. Could you not protect him in some way?”

“Very well. I will do something about it.”

“And they may try to keep Kabino quiet. Perhaps they will attack the district manager.”

“That would be terrible. It would delay the investigation greatly. I will make arrangements at once.”

“Thank you.”


After that, I asked him how I was to use the necklace.

The necklace was used when delivering the king’s orders orally.

As normally, such things were written on paper.


But there were times when it is an emergency and the necklace must be used instead.

It was usually expected to be used in the event of a possible coup, and the king had to escape from the palace.

And so all of the nobles and officials knew what it was.


“A coup… In that case, it would be very bad for this to fall into the hands of those who want to start a coup, wouldn’t it?”

“That is why it is not just any tool, but a magic tool. It is made so that it will change color with the king’s direct approval.”

“I see. But what if the king was captured and forced to give his approval?”

“If that happened, it would hardly matter if the necklace was used or not. They could just as easily force the king to write a letter.”

“I suppose that’s true.”

It was strictly for such an event where the king was not captured but did not have enough time to send a letter.


After that, we left the palace.

In the palace, Eric said that he would cover the door with a large painting.

It was a very cliche method, but better than nothing.


I created a magic circuit through the tunnel as we moved.

This was to connect the magic lock in the palace to the door in the mansion.

That way, Eric would be able to open the mansion door as well.


As we walked back home, Luchila said,


“Mister Locke. Shouldn’t you also hide the mansion’s door with magic?”

“Yes. I will have to think of something.”


The entrance to the secret passage in the mansion was like this:

You went through a hidden door in the library to find a secret room.

And from the secret room, you could reach the secret passage.

That was two doors.


“The first thing to do would be to cast a spell on the hidden door in the library.”

“That’s the most important one.”

“And I should probably put a hidden door in the passage where it connects to the room.”


“I would actually prefer to make it so that Luchila and Shia could use it.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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