10 Years After – 66


“It is a top secret, so that might not be a good idea.”

“I think Eric would allow it if I asked him.”


If it became necessary, I would make it so that Luchila and Shia could open it too.


“I think it would be better to allow Lord Morton and Serulis to open it.” Said Shia.

“Ah, that’s true. Goran should be able to go through. I will talk to Eric about it later.”

Even though we were walking slowly, we arrived in the secret room in no time. It was very close.


“I guess I’ll make a door with the materials for now.”


And so I installed a door that connected the secret room and passage.

The door was made of a material that looked just like the walls.

I cast a spell on it and connected the magic circuits.


And then I cast a spell of concealment.

Now, only the most advanced of Sorcerers would be able to tell that there was a door here.


“That’s it then.”

“Mister Locke. Next is the door in the library!”


Luchila seemed to be enjoying this. There was something exciting about hidden doors.


And so I cast a spell on the hidden door in the library as well.

Concealment magic and strengthening magic as well.


“I would like to lock it with magic as well. It would be fine to come out from the secret room and into the library without anything, but the reverse would not be good.”

“That’s true.”

“And I would want Shia, Luchila, Serulis, and Milka to be able to get inside as well.”


It would be a good place to hide if the mansion was under attack.


“And Grulf and Gerberga should be able to enter as well.”




Shia ran forward.


“I will go and call Miss Serulis and Milka.”

“Thank you.”


While we were waiting, I had the door authenticate Luchila, Gerberga, and Grulf.


“Luchila, use your palm. Gerberga can use his foot.”




Gerberga put his foot on the bottom of the door.


“Grulf…can use his nose.”


“You would rather use your front paw?”



I thought that his nose would be easier, but he apparently preferred to use his paw.

Grulf put his paw on the door and it was recorded.


“I made it so that it will also open with your nose, just in case.”



After we were done, Shia returned.


“I have brought Miss Serulis and Milka with me!”

“Ah, thank you…?”


There was a pretty girl behind Shia who we had never seen before.

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