10 Years After – 74


“We would then feel indebted to you.”

“No, this is me repaying my debt to you two.”


It took a while, but they were finally satisfied after much talking.

And so Ario, Josh, and Serulis set off to the guild with the magic stones.


I decided to bury the bones of the demon rats in the yard.


“I’ll help you!”

“Me too!”

Milka ran out of the mansion and along with Luchila, helped me in digging the hole.



Now that the fire was gone, Grulf came out and helped us.

He dug with his front paws as fast as he could.



Gerberga had come out into the garden with Luchila and was taking a walk in the garden.


When we were finished burying the bones, Milka said,


“It still stinks!”

“Burning demon rats tend to do that.”

“No! You stink, Mister Locke! You smell like sewage water!”


Well, I had been thoroughly soaked in it. Why wouldn’t I smell?


“Mister Locke, will you take a bath? I think you should.”

“Yes. I think I will.”

“Yes! I had it prepared so you can take one any time!”

“That’s very helpful. Thank you, Milka.”

“It-it’s my job! Don’t even mention it.”


She said bashfully.


I returned to my room first to get a new set of clothing.

Then I headed for the bathing room.



Grulf followed me. His tail was wagging happily.


“I think you need to be washed too…but have you ever taken a bath?”



Most cats hated it. For dogs, it could vary.

But I did feel that most dogs disliked bathing.


“I washed you in the river, but I think we should clean you up again.”



The bathing room was very large. This was a nobleman’s mansion after all.

Milka and Serulis seemed to have done a good job cleaning it.

It looked very nice.


“Grulf. Come over here, I’ll wash you.”


I used some soap to wash his fur.


“This sewage water is really filthy. We have to get it all off.”



Grulf looked very comfortable.

It was clear that he didn’t hate bathing.


After I finished washing Grulf, I took my time cleaning myself, then entered the bathtub.


“The water feels great!”



Grulf seemed to really enjoy it.

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  1. I hate dumb people. I hate Serulis and I hate this Milla kid. Rant! Lol xD sorry my bad about that.

    Well, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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