10 Years After – 77


The room fell silent. And it wasn’t because Luchila had said something stupid.

Actually, it seemed almost too likely.

Imagining people being eaten by demon rats was what made everyone fall silent.


“I guess there was plenty of food to allow all that growth…”


Shia said with a stern look.

Maybe they had become so big by eating people. They had not even left any bones to be discovered.


Just then, Milka said,


“Hmmm. But I didn’t see anyone else when I was in the sewers.”

“Is that right?”

“Yes. Not a single person. That’s why I thought it was so comfortable.”

“Wait a second.”


Serulis said in confusion.


“It was just last night that Milka invaded this house, wasn’t it?”



So much had happened, that it had seemed like a long time ago.

However, it had really just been one day.


“But Milka wasn’t eaten by the demon rats yesterday. Wouldn’t that mean that they must have infested the sewers in large numbers between then and now?”

“…Rats breed like rabbits, but that’s too fast.”

“One day…no, if it had been a few hours late, then Milka would have been rat food.”

“…Oh-oh, no.”

Milka said with a pale face.


“You must be so relieved.”

Serulis said as she hugged Milka and gently patted her on the head.


“Then they must have traveled from somewhere else. Otherwise, they couldn’t have increased so rapidly in one day.”

“That’s also unlikely, but still more realistic than rapid breeding.”


Just then, Shia looked at the desk.


“Hm? And what is this thing? No, could it be…”

Shia looked at the wooden box with the object inside.


“Ahh, this was made from fragments we collected from the corpses of the demon rats.”


Shia looked at it silently.


“We have no idea what it is for. Do you know, Shia?”

“…This resembles an idol used to summon the Evil God… That is what I think.”

“Evil God?”

“The god of the dark ones. It is one of the pillars.”


Shia said a most frightening thing.

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