10 Years After – 81


The servant saw me as a nobleman as well, and so he took a modest approach.

I followed him outside of the house.


“Thank you for understanding.”

“No, I’m sorry to inconvenience you.”

“I am the one who is sorry. But it is just that my master has been troubled over foul smells and loud noises recently…”




The servant then explained.

He served at the house that was behind my own.

And the house that was behind his had been troubling them with horrible smells and excessive noise.

They did not stop even after he made a complaint. And the noise was ever present and the smell continued to drift towards them.

And then a foul stench started to come from my mansion. They had felt very trapped.

It was no surprise that he came to complain.


“Bad smells and noise. That must be hard to deal with.”

“Yes. We can hear the most frightful chanting and the smells just reek of corruption.”


The servant said with a troubled expression.

After he left, Milka said,


“Is it possible that the smells and noise are coming from Marquis Mastafon’s house?”

“I think it is in that direction.”

“Maybe the smell and noise are for some kind of ritual.”

“Yes, probably.”


There was a high likelihood of that.

If these smells and sounds were still coming, then it was possible that they were still in the middle of the ritual.

We should probably hurry.

But before I leave, it was necessary to tighten security.


“Milka. Call the others.”



I cast a spell on the lock before everyone arrived.

Then I led everyone to the gate and registered them so they could open it.

I registered Gerberga and Grulf as well.


“Daddy will be so jealous when he finds out that only we can open the door.”

Serulis said with a laugh.


“I’ll register Eric and Goran when they visit next time.”



There was already a barrier around the mansion. And the door was locked.

Now the mansion was a little stronger in case there was an outside attack.


“Shia. Serulis. I’m going now. I’m really sorry, but could you two wait here until I return?”

“Of course.”

“Leave it to us!”


If Shia and Serulis were in the mansion, I could leave Lord Gerberga without being worried for his safety.


“Grulf, Luchila. Protect Lord Gerberga.”



“And Milka, don’t leave the house.”

“I know! I’ll be cleaning around.”


And with that, I headed for Marquis Mastafon’s house.

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