10 Years After – 82

Invading Marquis Mastafon’s House


I changed my clothing before heading to Marquis Mastafon’s mansion.

Not fighting clothes. I needed clothes that did not draw attention.

This district was full of mansions owned by noblemen, so metal armor and a gleaming Devil King Sword would stick out too much.

It would be one thing if I was just passing by, but I wanted to stop and observe.

And I would have to walk around the area repeatedly.


“Then it should be something a servant would wear.”


But still, I wanted to bring the Devil King Sword with me as well.

So it needed to be loose clothing that I could hide things inside.


“Alright, this is good.”


I finished dressing in my room and went back to the drawing room.


“I’ll be going then. Hold the fort until I get back.”

“Please be careful.”

“Don’t let your guard down.”


Shia and Serulis said encouragingly. But Milka scowled.


“What is with that sword?”

“It’s a good sword. I know that it might draw attention, but I want to bring it with me.”

“I think it draws way too much attention.”




I looked at Luchila.

“What do you think?”

“It does stick out. You look like an Adventurer.”

“I see. Well, that’s no good.”


Grulf looked worried as he walked up to me. I patted him on the head.


“Well, I’ll just hide it.”

“You can hide it?”

“Yes, I know what I’m doing.”


I said. Then I decided to leave for Marquis Mastafon’s house.

Just as I left the mansion, Gerberga said,


Very loudly. It was like he was saying that he would pray for my victory.


Before leaving the gate, I cast a spell of concealment over the sword.

Of course, those with high resistance to magic, or who were very skilled with it, they might recognize the sword.

But most normal people wouldn’t.


I pretended to be a normal passerby and inspected Marquis Mastafon’s house.

The house was surrounded by a wall that was as tall a man and a half.


(One main gate. One back door.)


I counted the number of entrances.

There were two gatekeepers by the main gate. And in the back, there was one gatekeeper.


(It’s very suspicious.)


That was my first reaction.


Normally, you would not have guards stationed by the back door.

The city was a peaceful place. Gatekeepers were mainly stationed there to greet guests.

So there was no need to have anyone where guests did not come through.


I watched the gatekeepers closely as I walked in front of the mansion.

All three of them showed no expression and moved very little.

Now, that was not exactly atypical of guards.

However, they seemed almost too lifeless.


(They weren’t moving at all, but their eyes followed me.)


It was eerie.

I thought they looked like those people who had been charmed by vampires.

These were people who tried to summon an Evil God, after all.

It would not be surprising if the house was ruled by dark ones.

I thought as I continued to observe them.


(People are looking this way through the windows…one…two…three…)


But when I looked carefully, the people were also expressionless and motionless.


(Are they following me with their eyes only as well?)


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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