10 Years After – 82


Their security was too tight.

I didn’t know if there were vampires inside or not. But it was clear that something was happening in there.


At first, I had meant to circle the building several times while trying to avoid drawing any attention. But seeing as how many eyes were now on me, I decided that it was not a good idea.


(I should stop before they get suspicious.)


And so I decided to enter Marquis Mastafon’s house after passing it only once.

I thought about the positions of the gatekeepers and watchers in my head.

There was hardly any place that was completely out of sight.


(That being said, it wasn’t like there was none at all… Well, I’m sure it will be fine.)


It would be difficult for most people, but not for me.


Normally, you would want to enter under cover of night, but there was a possibility that these people were dark ones.

The shadows of the night would just give them an advantage.


Of course, it would be better to gather more information first, but that would take too long.

The demon rats. The Evil God idol. The disappearances.

Something bad was clearly taking place.

Considering all of that, it would be better to hurry.


(There is a saying about how armies should act quickly… No, the more appropriate one would be about entering the wolf’s lair to catch the cub.)


Milka’s words entered my head.

I moved away from Marquis Mastafon’s house for a moment.

Then I strengthened the presence block magic that I had cast on myself.


(Now, as long as I didn’t make too much noise or move around too quickly, I should be fine.)


Carefully, I moved silently through the shadows.

Then I looked up at the high walls that surrounded the house.


(It’s a bit high.)

I couldn’t jump over it. It would be easy enough with magic, but there was also another way.

I tied a string around the Devil King Sword and leaned it against the wall.

Then I put my foot on the handguard and jumped up.




I almost shouted out loud.

I hadn’t been able to see it from the ground because of the angle, but there were spikes lining the top of the wall.

I quickly twisted my body and somehow managed to avoid them.

Now, I was finally within the mansion grounds.


With security this strong, it would be difficult for even a good scout to get in.

It was like a fortress.


(But that just means there is something here that they really don’t want anyone to see.)


I thought with a renewed resolve. Just then, I heard a dog bark right next to me.

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