Jack of all Trades – 136

Travels, Detour


Five days have passed since we left the south gate.

Daniela and I were at the foot of the rocky mountains. It was a path we had traveled through before, but as we were in a hurry then, I had not really taken in the view. This time it was slower and I was able to enjoy the nature around us. Though, we did have to pass the burnt down village yesterday.


“I never heard anything about it, but what happened to the people that were captured by the orcs?”

“…They were alive, apparently. But…you can imagine the rest.”

“I see… I suppose it’s not something anyone would want to talk about.”


Gardo had told me about it once, back in Fhiraldo. They were kept alive once captured by the orcs, and their days were miserable. Even if they are helped, they would have to be taken to an institution to recover.


“…I hope they will get better.”

“Aye. Perhaps that village will return to its former state one day.”


We sat around the bonfire after setting up camp at the bottom of the mountain. We were thinking back on that day. And then another memory came back to me.


“There was a very old ruin near that village, wasn’t there?”

“Aye. It was weathered and broken down.”

“I wish I could have seen more of it.”


Perhaps there was something to discover there. I wondered. However, many people had already investigated it.


“We could go and see it if you want?”

“Are you sure?”

“We are not in a hurry. Besides, I am curious as well.”


Oh, so she just wanted to see it too. Well, we could make a little detour tomorrow. We didn’t have everything strictly planned out, so a little change didn’t mean anything. And we had plenty of food to last…

With that settled, I entered the tent first. Daniela would take the first watch. I would sleep and prepare myself for the latter half of the watch.


“Alright then. Good night, Daniela.”

“Good night, Asagi.”


We kissed each other good night, as all good couples do, and then I closed my eyes.


I heard the whistle that signaled the start of the second half of the night. And I got up to trade places with Daniela. We repeated our goodnight kiss, and this time I sat down in front of the fire.

I stared at my surroundings as they were bathed in the firelight. Not only with my eyes. I used Presence Detection to search the area, but there was nothing.

The night sky is full with so many stars that I think they might start falling. Absently mindedly, I draw lines to create constellations but quickly forget the placements.


“I’m bored…”


I didn’t think I was letting my guard down, necessarily. But I was bored. There were supposed to be monsters known as rock lizards around here, but they didn’t come out at night as it was too cold. They would just stay shut up in their nests.


“Ah, that’s right.”


I took out a pen and some paper from the hollow bag and placed them on a wooden low table. By the way, this low table was my own creation. I borrowed some tools, got some help from my old master, Jack of all Trades, Master of None, to make the measurements, then learned how to use the saw to cut boards perfectly straight. Then I used a hammer to hit the nails with precision. It was a foldable table. It didn’t need to be, since it was going in the hollow bag, but this would make it easier if I ever needed to take it out to make more space again. I had thoughtlessly crammed so much stuff into it before, after all.


“…Well, who cares about all that.”


I was going to write a letter. To Fiona, in Spiris. When we left Spiris, I had said I would write to her. And now I felt like I wanted to write about Replant.


“Hmmm. It’s been a while. I am currently in the Flugelnia Empire…”


The rather pointless letter began. I would drop it off at the next guild we visited. I hoped there would be someone who was headed for Lambrusen.


My surroundings slowly grew brighter. The crackling of the fire was now accompanied by the chirping of birds. The soft, pale clouds started to become more brilliant in color, making the whole scene look almost mystical. I finished writing my letter and then took out the pots. It was time to make breakfast.

I made some water and then put it over the fire. Then the spices, meat, and vegetables went in. Now I just needed to put the lid on and allow it to boil until Daniela woke up. I was still annoyed that no gift for cookings had burgeoned within me, and so I was left to satisfy Daniela with the most simple of cooking. It didn’t matter how seriously I prepared every day, I was no chef…

Maybe this was the work of Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Sometimes I almost hated it…


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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