10 Years After – 84


“Two years…no, half a year ago. That seems much too quick?”

“Of course it is. But things like illnesses and accidental deaths had killed the other candidates.”


Well, that sounded a little suspicious to me.


“He was good as the new steward… But…”

He had suddenly changed last month. She explained that he had imprisoned her and her parents.


“And what about the servants?”

“The servants also changed completely. They don’t even seem like humans anymore.”


And she added that the servants who did not change eventually disappeared.


“Were they fired by the steward?”

“I do not like to think about it, but he probably killed them.”


Philly added that she had actually seen one of them being murdered.


This steward was likely connected to the dark ones.

And this mansion was being used as a base. I was sure of it.


“The only thing I could do was let Tama escape…”


But Tama had stayed and watched what the servants were doing.

It must have been very hard without water or food.

A loyal dog indeed.


The servants must have not seen Tama as a threat since the dog could not speak.

It would just be dealt with as a stray if it escaped.

Even if it was lucky enough to be adopted, no one would know that it was from Marquis Mastafon’s mansion.


That’s why it had been left alone and ignored.

No interest had been shown to the dog at all.

That was incredibly fortunate for Marquis Mastafon.


Because it lead me to Philly.


“By the way, how come they didn’t kill you and your parents?”

“This may sound conceited, but I happen to be a genius.”

“…Are you a Sorcerer?”

“No, I am an Alchemist.”


Philly said that she had been ordered to prepare a mysterious metal by the steward.

And if she did not do it, then he would kill both of her parents.


“So, this mysterious metal. What kind of metal is it?”

“Here it is.”


Philly showed me a piece of it.

It looked exactly like the material used for the medals inside of the vampires.

In other words, the same material as the Evil God idol.

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  1. Good Doggo, protect his master! I’m still waiting for a feline to join all the fluff!

    Well, chances are the marquis and his wife are dead, so the alchemist will have nowhere to go besides MC’s house.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter! I didn’t expect the servant to be evil. I was just expecting the Marquis.

  3. So the Marquis was not evil, my bad for suspecting you. But yeah probably he is dead now.

    Thanks for the chapter

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