10 Years After – 95


“…It’s very troubling.”

There was a lot we didn’t know.



Grulf had awakened at some point and was tilting his head as he looked at me.


“Grulf, you’re awake.”



I scratched his fur and he wagged his tail happily.


For now, I should just wait for the investigation to finish.

Until then, I would just kill time by killing goblins.

That was what I decided as I left the room.


When I entered the dining room, Milka noticed me immediately.


“Ah, Mister Locke! You’re awake! Will you have breakfast?”

“So you have breakfast ready? That would be great.”


Milka had prepared some breakfast. It was bread and a fried eggs.

I was very thankful.


“Milka. Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it! It’s my job!”

“Where’s Eric and Goran?”

“They got up at dawn and went home.”

“I see. They’re both very busy, after all.”


I said, and Milka looked at me with a serious face.


“What is it?”

“Mister Locke. Are you in fact a really important person?”

“Maybe a little. What made you think that?”

“Well, they were calling that old man the king, after all.”

“Oh, so you noticed. Yes, Eric is the king.”

“So he really is the king. I hadn’t known.”


And then she looked at me again.


“So, what do you do, Mister Locke?”

“I really am an Adventurer.”


“Don’t tell anyone, but I’m actually quite good at it.”

“Yes, even the king relies on you!”


“I see…”


Milka seemed satisfied with this explanation.

But then she looked worried.


“Oh, have I been very rude to the king up until now?”

In fact, she had been very, very rude up until now.


“I’m getting very worried!”

Milka said as she petted Grulf’s back.



“Well, don’t worry about it. You can just act as you always act.”

“I can?”

“Eric will usually be visiting us in disguise. So it won’t do to be overly polite, anyway.”

“Is that so! That’s a relief!”


Milka said as she hugged Grulf around the neck.

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  1. He should look into where the steward came from he should have needed some references to get that such a position in a noble house. I wonder why the vampires didn’t use charm on the parents.

    • Or on the 5th daughter. Surely they could have charmed her and then gotten her to spit out the method to make the fool’s stones.

    • Or the 5th daughter. Surely they could have charmed her and gotten her to spit out the method to make the fool’s stones. As the meme goes, “Holy Plot Holes Batman!”

      • Not really a plot hole, she’s a genius alchemist, but that doesn’t mean she already had the formula for the stone. Charming her kills her ability to think freely, and thralling her runs the risk of her dusting if a vampire dies.

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