10 Years After – 99


“It will take a year at least for father to get better. That means it could take even longer. And father is getting old…”

“I see…”


Shia started to think about it.


As I was listening to them from the side, I now understood what Nia’s purpose was.

She wanted to become an Adventurer. And she wanted Shia to teach her.

If not, she could be waiting a year or even several years.

And given their father’s age, it wasn’t impossible that he would just end up retiring.


“Sister! Please teach me. Please!”

“But… I’m still inexperienced myself…”


Shia said with a troubled expression.

Shia was fifteen years old and already a B-Rank Adventurer.

She had probably started at around Nia’s age.


I asked Nia,


“By the way, how old are you?”

“I am eight years old.”

“Eight. You’re quite clever for your age.”

“Thank you!”

“She is still very, very childish.”


Shia said as she patted Nia on the head.


“Nia. What does our father have to say about all of this?”

“Father said that if I really want to take the first step in becoming a Warrior, that I should ask you, sister.”

“…Father always says such careless things…  I am not yet in the position to be teaching people.”


This was an important matter in Shia’s tribe. It was not for an outsider to say anything about it.

However, there was one thing I wanted to say.



“What is it?”

“I don’t know a lot about your tribe, but I do know that you are a brilliant Warrior. I guarantee it.”

“Ev-even if it’s flattery, I am happy.”


Shia said. Her face was red and her tail was wagging.


“It’s not flattery. I don’t flatter people when it comes to their abilities as Adventurers.”


Adventurers who get too confident because of flattery will only end up in danger. It happens a lot.

And so I avoided giving people a false sense of confidence.


You could not do it lightly, like you would call someone cute or say their cooking was good.


“Mister Locke. Thank you.”

“Sister. Please.”


Nia said again and then bowed her head.


“Alright, I understand. I will teach you to become an Adventurer.”

“Thank you, sister!”


And so Nia succeeded in becoming Shia’s apprentice.

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