My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess – 12

Translator’s note: I’m terribly sorry, but I just can’t do this anymore. I refuse.

‘Mariywa’ will be written ‘Mariwa’ from now on so I can actually remember how it’s spelled.


After parting ways with my new friend Charles, I was able to return to the dancehall without anything else happening.

I felt so re-energized after I made my return that I executed a succession of perfect courtesies to the other guests. Though, at one point a daughter of a Marquis pointed out that a flower petal -which I had not successfully brushed off in the garden- was stuck to my hair ornament, I was able to get passed this with a genius excuse. Ultimately, I had been very successful in playing the perfect lady at this palace ball.


The next day.

I was standing proud and tall in the mansion’s garden.

Not just in the garden, I was standing in the front of the huge garden that lay between the great gate that would welcome our guests and the Noir mansion. Because I was outside, I had a maid stand next to me and hold a parasol so that I would not be burned to a crisp by the shining light of the sun. As I stood under the shadow created by our faithful servant, I waited impatiently for the gates in front of us to open.

According to the time, it should be any moment now. It was the first time I would be receiving a guest like this, but the person that I was expecting would come at the designated time.


“Fufufuh. Come already.”


I didn’t know what to do with this overwhelming feeling of excitement, so I just smiled. After a moment I heard the sound of carriage wheels coming from the other side of the gate.


“They’re here!”

“My lady, come over here.”


The gates opened as I exclaimed in excitement. The servant who had been watching me pleasantly, saw the carriage coming towards us and frantically tried to get me to move off of the path.

It was a most perceptive suggestion, but unfortunately, I would have to reject it point-blank this time.


“No, I will wait here.”


I firmly refused the maids proposal and continued to stand proudly in the middle of the road.

After all, I had come here just to receive her. I would hate it if she somehow failed to notice me and drove past. Additionally, depending on the qualities of the person that I was waiting for, she may notice me and still decide to drive passed on purpose.

To that point, she would in no way be able to ignore me if I stood in the middle of the road that leads to the mansion. Even the driver, who was under our employ would surely stop the horses if I was standing here. As long as there wasn’t some kind of worst-case scenario of the horses going insane, then I had no fear of being trampled. There really was no issue in terms of my safety.


“But, my lady…Oh, alright.”


The maid had no choice but to give-up trying to persuade me. I would stubbornly not give in. Even so, I felt grateful at her loyalty as she good-naturedly continued to hold the parasol over my head.

Finally, the long-awaited carriage came through the now completely opened gate.


“Welcome. And halt!”


Just as the carriage had gotten through the gate, I shouted for them to stop. The driver who was holding the reins looked at me in surprise.

However, he was our driver and so that did not last long. Once he saw that it was I who had shouted, he immediately assumed that I had some business with whoever was in the carriage. He turned around and spoke a word or two. After a moment the door to the carriage opened.




The person who stepped out of the carriage was our private tutor, Mariwa Toinette. For some unknown reason, she sighed very rudely upon seeing that I had come out to receive her. And with her usual rigid posture, she started to walk towards me.


“How very unusual for you to try and receive someone so close to the gates. This must mean that you are quite enthusiastic about today’s lessons. I’m impressed, my lady.”

“Hmph. You do say the most absurd things Mariwa. It is no matter for a genius such as I to master the rules of etiquette, even without effort. But let’s leave that for a moment and talk of something else.”

“What you should be despising at this moment are your own words, my lady. Being a lady is not so easy as you assume.”


Both the maid who held the parasol and the driver of the parked carriage now averted their eyes at hearing this light exchange between Mariwa and me, which was really just an ordinary greeting.



My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess

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  1. I think the author is trying to say Michelle in regards to the name Mishuly. Seriously, japanese has a hard time with western names.

    • Michelle = ミッシェル. Mishuly is written as ミシュリー which is closer to the French name Micheline written as ミシュリン. So Micheli or Michelie would probaby be the best. Most of the names seem to be a twisted sort of French. Heh.

      Yeah, I think I might change it in future chapters. Thanks for bringing it up!

      • Ehh? At least I could not find complete chapter 12 anywhere else by googling. And the site who is translating it now (lightnovelstranslations) only has chapters from 15 onwards.

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