Realist Demon King – 51

Operation Urgent Fury


Castle Ashtaroth was large.


It was practically a ruin when I was first given life in it, but after that, Eve had a team clean it up.


She gathered the human women, succubi and demihuman servants together and started ‘Operation Urgent Fury.’


It was a large scale operation indeed.


This was an operation to repair this castle, which had been abandoned since the fall of its previous owner, Azazel.


I actually didn’t mind that it was a bit dirty, but Eve said,

“That is ridiculous!”

With a shake of her head.


“This is the castle of the one who will one day be the Great Demon King. It must have an appearance that is worthy of such a king.”


And so she oversaw the project.

With the minimal amount of resources and money, she would change this ruin of a castle.


And now the treasure room which had been covered in cobwebs was now shining as if it was plated with gold. The hundreds of glass windows now lack a speck of dust.


There was now furniture all over the castle. While not expensive, they were tasteful and put in the right places.


After all, Eve had the Maid Skill, and her efforts affected all of the castle’s facilities. Those that were unnecessary were closed, those that were necessary were focused on.


There was a team of maids that answered to Eve, but it was very small.


A new Demon King did not have enough money to hire so many, and so we operated with the bare minimum.


So any facilities that we had no plans to use for a while were closed.

The fountain in the castle’s courtyard was turned off.


The fish from the lakes were sold to merchants and the profits used to lower the cost of running the place.


Kitchens were decreased in number until there was only one.


I wasn’t interested in luxury, and it did not seem that we would be hosting parties for our powerful neighbors any time soon.


And so most of the guest rooms were also closed off.


Perhaps there would be a day when this castle would overflow with guests, but currently, there were just a few demon commanders and Toshizou Hijikata and Jeanne.


Neither of them was interested in fine living, and so the large guest rooms were closed one after another and they were given smaller rooms.


Still, Eve was thorough in ensuring that their rooms were kept clean, so they would have no reason to ever complain.


Eve would also decorate their bedside with flowers every day, which was well-received.


Even demons knew a thing or two about refinement.

And Jeanne was a young girl who appreciated such things.


“I do like flowers. Your maid understands the heart of a maiden.”


And so she looked forward to seeing every new flower that was placed in her room.

However, Toshizou wasn’t as impressed.


“I would rather have food.’

He said with disinterest.

Instead, he visited his brothel for entertainment.


Apparently, he had been quite the playboy in the Bakumatsu period, which he had lived in during his previous life. And some things never changed, and he would never be away for more than three days.


According to him, 

“They do not like it when I am absent for any longer.”

He insisted.


In fact, one could hear them moaning whenever he visited.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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