Realist Demon King – 51


I had seen him on his return several times, and he always had white powder on and smelled of perfume.



“So that’s why the other human captains have been complaining about you.”

I joked. He replied calmly.


“It is not me who has a monopoly on them, it is the exact opposite. Besides, flowers need to be watered, or else they will wilt.”


He showed no interest in changing his ways.


In any case, it would seem almost unnatural if he stopped going, shaved his beard and began to meditate instead, and so I left him.


Besides, I had never heard of the man being violent towards women or sleeping with married wives or other such immoral acts. And the rumors flowed from both sides with each other’s consent.


It was not for a ruler to try and control people to such a degree, in any case.


Now, to return to the subject at hand. Eve was running Castle Ashtaroth quite well, and unused facilities were closed under her watchful eye.


Among them, was the ‘Colosseum.’


It was a place that the Demon King used to kill time or otherwise for the entertainment of the townsfolk.


Prisoners were made to fight each other and sometimes slaves.

Other times it was human against beasts or monsters.

It was similar to the colosseums of ancient Rome, but not quite.

It was a facility that offered entertainment to the people and also showed off the king’s authority.


However, it was all a little barbaric for me, and so I doubted we would ever use the place. It was one of the first that we closed down.


However, it was the right place to use on this occasion.

After all, this was a match between Toshizou Hijikata and Jeanne d’Arc.

Not only my people, but even I was very interested in watching this.


While it could have been held on the training grounds a well, that would only allow about one hundred spectators. The residents of the town would not be able to watch.


And so at times like this, I thought that it would not be bad to offer a little circus for the people, just like the emperors of Rome.


And with that reason, I negotiated with Eve, who was in charge of closing the places down. She silently whipped out her abacus and began a battle with numbers.


She was calculating the cost of having such an event.


Eve was rather strict when it came to funds, and she did not look like she would make this easy.

“You look lovely in your outfit today. The white headdress looks especially pretty.”

That brightened her dark mood and she promptly set funds aside for the restoration of the colosseum.


Lastly, she said,

“It was very good of you to notice that I was wearing a different headdress today.”

And she smiled.


“You were…?”


I could say no such thing, of course.

Apparently, she had changed the shape of the lace to what was now fashionable in the western towns.

To be honest, the difference was so subtle that I would find it difficult telling the old and new ones apart even if they were right next to each other.

I was starting to get a reputation for not being able to see such details.

However, I was a strategist and I knew when to take advantage of a moment.


“Indeed, it is very beautiful. And it is very impressive that you are so quick to adopt the latest trends.”


Eve looked truly happy when I said this.

“You are too kind.”

And she bowed.

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