Makai Hongi 229

Chapter 229

And so I decided to leave Demon King Tralzard and return to my country.
There were things that I had to do first, but thankfully, I had a reliable friend in Adjutant Stomel.

“I want you to tell General Miralda that I’ll be returning ahead of the others.”
I just had to give the order.

“I understand. It seems that the soldiers in King Melvis’s country were also called back, so I must tell the General about that as well.”

I would have liked to see the General before leaving, but it would mean traveling in the opposite direction.
And so I decided to just send a message through Stomel.

As for my subordinates, they would return much more slowly.
It took time and preparation to relocate soldiers. It was different then when I traveled alone.

“I’m sorry for the trouble, but thank you.”
“Yes, Sir Golan. Leave everything to me.”

Stomel really was the perfect Adjutant.
But then again, all the non-combat personnel that rose within the army were brilliant in some way.

It was easy to go up in the world when you could fight.
And so those who could not fight had to be aware of much more, before that road was opened up to them.

“He’s really helped me a lot.”
Maybe we would meet again one day.
It was with such a premonition that I left Tralzard’s town.

“Now, time to run in earnest.”

I charged my legs with mana so that I could run at full speed.
I had never traveled like this before.

But now, I was able to freely control the mana that had increased over a few dozen times.
So it was time to put it to the test.

In order to learn my own limits, I began to run.

“So, three days to the border.
I slept during the night, and ran only in the day.

And it still only took three days to reach the border from Tralzard’s town.
Yes, the difference in speed after the rise in my physical abilities was on a different level.

I had now arrived in the town of Elstabia.
This was the town governed by General Farneze.

I headed to the mansion where the General lived, but she was not at home.
Apparently, she had stayed at Melvis’s castle.

“Now that I think about it, the other countries attacked us, didn’t they?”
Perhaps she couldn’t leave the castle yet.

I told the people in the mansion that those who were sent to Tralzard’s lands would be returning soon.
I had returned ahead of them, but no one had anything to say about that.

They probably thought that I had returned alone after hearing about the invasion.

“…Or maybe they don’t even realize that it’s me?”
I was still an Ogre when we departed. So perhaps they don’t think that we’re the same person.

When I thought back on it, the people in the mansion treated me like I was their superior.
But they worked directly under the General. There was no reason for them to be humble around me.

“Maybe they really don’t know.”

The day after I left Elstabia town, I arrived at the castle where Melvis lived.
But I was stopped when I tried to enter.

“I’m the Commander of an independent corps under General Farneze. My name is Golan. I need to speak to the General.”

“We will send word to her at once, so please wait here.”

They were regular guards who protected the castle. A few of them were staring at me from a distance.
“I didn’t draw this much attention the last time I was here.”

There was something tense in the way that they looked at me.
Perhaps it was because Melvis had awakened. Or because they had allowed the enemy to infiltrate the castle. They were more cautious than usual.

“The General says that she will meet you. Come this way.”
Apparently, I would be able to meet her now.

The soldier headed deep into the castle.
I had never gone to the backside of the castle. But he kept going further and further.

“…Are you sure that it’s this way?”
“Yes. That is what I was told.”

That’s strange. There was hardly anyone in this direction. Why would the General be in such a secluded spot?

“Oh, there she is.”
In a wide open area, stood the General. All alone.
Where were her subordinates?

“Golan… Is that you?”
“It’s good to see you again, General. …Why are you unsure?”

“Because you have changed so much… Have you evolved?”
“I have. I suppose I forgot to make a report of it. I’m Golan the Susanoo-no-Mikoto now.”

“A special evolution… Well, I can’t say that it isn’t like you… Still, that is quite the transformation.”
“I don’t feel like I’ve changed quite that much. Do I really seem that different?”

“Well, the physical change and the spike in mana levels are all expected. However… There is something about your aura that is completely different.”

Aura, eh? I didn’t really understand that, but if an older acquaintance thought so, it must be true.

“As for what happened there, I will write a report as soon as I can. I returned alone, ahead of the others. …Uh, why are you here?”

It was a great, empty hall.
I doubted she had some kind of work here.
And she never did anything without a purpose.

“About that, I assume you know that King Melvis has awakened?”
“Yes. I heard it from Tralzard.”

“You met Demon King Tralzard!?”
“We were uh, linked by something.”

“I see. Well, that makes things simpler. When King Melvis awakened, he was accompanied by…”

“Found you.”
“We sure did.”

“Why are you hiding?”
“What are you doing?”

“Hey, should we kill her?”
“Yes, let’s kill her.”

“And this time, we can’t fail.”
“We have to be sure of it.”

“I guess they found us.”
“Uh, what is that? I can hear a very ominous conversation.”

“It’s Jikae and Manny. Melvis’s Adjutants.”
“Uh, I can’t see anyone?”

“Who is that?”
“I don’t know.”

“He knows we’re here.”
“Indeed, he does.”

“Should we kill him too?”
“Let’s kill him too.”

I heard the voices.

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  1. I feel like Golan will either manage to defeat these two or at least put up a good fight before Melvis shows up and One-Punch Man’s him.

  2. “Now, time to run in earnest.”
    I feel like that line should have come from Stomel. Golan is a trouble magnet and cleaning up after him becomes Stomel’s job.

    The invisible pair are creepy. I hope they get taken down.

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