My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 16

Ms. Claire Woke Me Up

While Tilura was looking up at me with an expression of admiration, I really wasn’t anyone special.
I just rescued a puppy on the side of the road. And then when we came to this world, she had turned into something that was called a Silver Fenrir.

“Wuff… Wuff-wuff.”
“Hmm? Ah, I think it’s fine. Ms. Claire, bring Tilura over here.”
“Huh? …Oh. Tilura?”

Tilura has been holding onto Ms. Claire up until now, but she let go as Ms. Claire pushed her towards me.
Perhaps she was surprised or scared to see a Silver Fenrir for the first time, as she came towards us with a look of caution.

“Wuff! Wou!”

Leo moved closer as if to get a closer look at Tilura. And then she licked Tilura’s face.

“Ms. Tilura. Leo really likes to play with children. So please play with her. Oh, but don’t break anything, Leo.”
“…Sister. May I?”
“If Mr. Takumi says that it is fine, then it must be. Besides, Leo is very cute and playful.”
“Really? …Uh…Leo?”
“Wuff! Wou-wou!”
“Ahh! Ahaha. Leo!”

After Tilura cautiously called Leo’s name, Leo moved closer again and pressed her silvery, soft and furry cheek into Tilura’s face.
It must have tickled, as Tilura burst into laughter and then threw her arms around Leo’s body. She seemed to be enjoying the feel of the silver fur.

“Thank you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Not at all. Leo really does like to play with children. While she cannot run around in a room like this, I’m glad that she was able to make Ms. Tilura happy.”
“Yes. I have rarely seen Tilura look so happy when with someone other than me… I am very thankful to Leo.”

Ms. Claire watched Tilura and Leo with very gentle eyes.
And when I glanced over to Sebastian and the two maids, they too were watching over Leo and Tilura with cheerful expressions.
It was clear that Tilura was loved not just by her sister, but the servants as well.

“Ms. Claire. I would like to take Leo out to the gardens to play tomorrow. Is that alright?”
“Yes, I don’t mind. I’m sure that Tilura will want to join you. Hehe.”
“That’s true.”

Ms. Claire and I chuckled amidst the warm atmosphere, and we watched Leo and Tilura play.
After some time had passed, perhaps due to becoming tired of playing or not having fully recovered, Tilura fell asleep while wrapped up in Leo’s silvery coat.
As she could not be left to sleep like this, Ms. Gelda picked up Tilura and carried her off to her room.
But as she was holding onto Leo, it had taken a lot of effort to peel her away.

“Mr. Takumi. It’s quite late now, so perhaps you would like to get some rest?”
“Yes. It’s been a busy day for me, and so I am tired.”
“A room has been prepared for you. Please come this way.”
“Ah, thank you.”
“Please see to it that he is comfortable, Lyra.”
“Yes, Lady Claire.”
“Now, good night, Mr. Takumi.”
“Good night, Ms. Claire. And Sebastian.”
“Yes. Good night.”

After saying good night to Ms. Claire and Sebastian, Leo and I followed Ms. Lyra to the room that had been prepared for us.
When I entered the room, I saw that some hot water and a towel had been placed next to the bed. And so I wiped my body with it and fell into bed.
We had wandered for a long time in the forest. And so I felt quite refreshed after wiping away the sweat and dust.
Leo curled up right next to the bed to sleep.
While the bed was rather large, Leo was still too big to sleep on it.
And since I had eaten so much, drowsiness came to me quickly, and I soon fell asleep.
So, I never did wake up from a dream. I suppose this really is another world…

In fact, the room that I was in was about three times larger than the one room apartment I had lived in.
Yes, even the rooms in this mansion were big.


“Wuff! Wuff!”

I could hear Leo’s voice…
Was it morning already…?

“Wou! Wuff! Wuff!”
“…Let me sleep a little longer…”
“Hehe. I see that you are not a morning person, Mr. Takumi.”

I had thought it was just Leo here, but there was a woman’s voice.
I jumped up and rubbed my eyes before looking around the room.


Leo sighed right next to me. And Ms. Tilura was clinging onto Leo.
And then I noticed that Ms. Claire was standing to the side of the bed and smiling.

“Ms. Claire!?”
“Yes. Good morning, Mr. Takumi. Did you sleep well?”
“…Good morning. Yes, thank you. I had a good sleep.”

The bed had been so fluffy, that I wondered how I had managed to sleep on any other bed up until now.
It was like being gently enveloped every time I rolled over. And so I slept better than ever before.
I looked at Ms. Claire again after saying good morning. She was standing so that she was bathed in sunlight from the window, which made it look like she was glowing.
There was something angelic about it.
The golden hair was almost blinding under the sun.
…That being said, Leo. You could have woken me up a little earlier if Ms. Claire came to visit. This is rather embarrassing.
Hmm? Had Leo sighed because I wouldn’t get up sooner?
…Well, then it’s this bed’s fault for being so comfortable. Yes, we’ll leave it at that.

“Mr. Takumi. Breakfast is ready, so would you mind coming down to the drawing room?”
“Of course. I’ll be there right away.”
“You don’t have to rush. I’m sure you would like to wash up first. Now, let’s go, Tilura.”
“But I want to be with Leo!”
“No, Tilura. Look, Leo seems troubled.”
“Hahaha. I see that Ms. Tilura has really taken to Leo.”
“Yes! Leo is so gentle!”

Well, she had a good eye for judging people, if she could tell that about Leo.
Because Leo looked like a scary wolf… Yet she quickly understood that Leo was nice.

“Mr Takumi. You can just call my Tilura.”
“Yes. You are much older than me and are in command of the great Leo!”
“…But I really am an ordinary person. Well…so be it, Tilura.”
“Yes, that’s good!”

And so at Tilura’s request, I stopped calling her Ms. Tilura.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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