Makai Hongi – 252

Chapter 252

A striped tail was in my hand. Of course, it was Kyuka’s.

“Rather weak to just break while still being used.”
As for Kyuka, she had gone flying towards the back of the camp.

I suppose I would keep the tail as a souvenir.

When I looked towards Nehyor, he was brushing the dust off of his clothes.
As I had used Kyuka as a weapon to hit him with, he was visibly angry. It was nice to see.

“You’ve done it this time, Golan. You must know what to expect now?”
While Nehyor had been knocked off of his feet twice, he had apparently taken no damage.

“Well, you have my attention, you little brat. Let’s see what you can do.”
I said while swinging the tail to provoke him. ‘I’ll kill you today, no matter what,’ he answered.

“I’m not so weak that children can kill me.”
While playing with the tail, I charged at him first.

This tail was quite good. Especially when I was bored.

There was one thing that I learned after fighting with Nehyor the Vampire.
His body was not that tough.

Even when I was still an Ogre, I was able to hurt him as long as I had a weapon.
In terms of physical toughness, he was in the range of your average mid-ranking race. That was what I thought.

However, that did not take into account his healing ability. Now that was something of the most elite class.
He was so tenacious that I wondered if he could return from ashes.

And so if I wanted to annihilate him completely, it would be a tough fight.

I saw Mouga getting to his feet from the corner of my eye.
Now that I thought about it, I had also thrown him into the air with Kyuka.
As for him, he was just as he appeared.

“Alright, Golan. I won’t hold back.”
“Quit with the tedious talk. Come!”

Nehyor’s nails elongated. And he had also extended his fangs without me realizing it.
Yes, I didn’t know all of Nehyor’s special abilities yet.

As I thought of such a thing, a massive magic bullet came flying from an unexpected direction.

I frantically dodged it.

Nehyor did as well. In all, there were about twenty shots.
The bullets were made of deep purple magic energy, and thunder crashed where they landed.

You would be treated to a terrible shock if you were hit.

When I turned in the direction that they had come from, I saw Kyuka.
She was furious. Her body had practically turned crimson.

Not only that, but she seemed to have expanded. Her muscles were larger and bulging.

She glared at me silently.
And without so much as a gesture, another dozen magic bullets materialized. They were bigger than the last volley.

I snatched up Nehyor and started to run.

“Hey! Why are you carrying me?”
Nehyor protested as I held him like a child under my arm.

The fact that he hadn’t attacked me yet suggested that he was in no rush and was surprisingly calm.

“Just shut up!”
I dashed to the right and then left in order to dodge the magic bullets. And like that, I shot through the camp.

There were thunderous explosions and tents blew into the air. The attacks were indiscriminate.
Suddenly, the ground shook, and then tore open under my feet.


And even though my legs were charged with mana, I could not deal with it. I suddenly had nothing to stand on.
And so I tossed Nehyor to the side and rolled forward and landed.

“What was that?”
Annihilation magic? It was very unsettling.

“More importantly, I don’t see why you need to take me while you run.”
I understood what Nehyor was saying, but I could not leave him at that place.

This fight between me and Kyuka.
Farneze would know about it real soon.

If Nehyor had remained there, he would likely have amused himself by getting in Farneze’s way.
Well, regardless of the reason, I didn’t want him to escape.

“I don’t see what the problem is. I can fight both of them now.”

The furious Kyuka, and Nehyor, who I’ve held a grudge against for a long time.
What could be more fun than taking them both on at the same time?

Just as I had predicted, Kyuka was a magic user.
That being said, she didn’t specialize in magic. She was half physical type.

As for this two versus one battle, I was going in while my weapons were still confiscated.
Normally, it was where I would cry, apologize, and beg for forgiveness.

“This is going to be fun.”
I could not help but smile.

Kyuka clearly did not want me to be able to make the first move.
And she continued to unleash a barrage of magic bullets.

Fifty, maybe more.
There were too many to dodge.

And so I grabbed the mana drain shield that was on my back and blocked them.
I could feel them slamming into the shield.
And while the impact was great, it seemed to be absorbing them just fine.

“Huh, that shield. I knew it must have some special property. So it absorbs mana.”
I heard Nehyor say near my ear.

A chill ran down my spine. Since when was he there?

I could not run away from him. The magic bullets were coming at me from the front like rain.
When I frantically twisted away, I felt something hit me in the back.

Nehyor’s nails seemed to have bounced off of the dragon scale armor.

“Huh? Is this special too?”
I could sense that he was surprised.

And so I kicked backwards like a horse.
Nehyor flew into the air as I turned around.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a good boy. I’m showered by weapons and armor!”
I didn’t quite remember the details about how I got them. But I was probably right.

After a moment, the magic bullets stopped.
Kyuka must have realized that she could not kill me that way, and so she started walking towards me.

That’s when I noticed something.
A tail was swaying between Kyuka’s legs.

“It grew back already?”
Given that it had snapped so cleanly, perhaps she had let go of it on purpose.

I had been swinging her so strongly that she might have decided that it was the best way to escape.
And her anger now would be due to the humiliation. In that case…

“Hey, you. I have one here, and you have a new one. Why don’t we test to see how many you can make?”
It was almost amusing how effective this provocation was.

Like the embodiment of rage, she charged at me.

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