My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 34

I Learned About the Duke and Silver Fenrir Connection

“The royal family uses the Silver Fenrir on their crest, as they symbolize a country that cannot be defeated. On the other hand, the Liebert crest shows the fangs and claws, which symbolizes how we will defeat any foe. Also…this is a very old legend, but it is said that the first head of the Liebert house was friends with a Silver Fenrir.”
“Friends with a Silver Fenrir…But didn’t you say that Silver Fenrirs yielded to no one?”
“Yes, it was not about yielding. They were said to be of equal standing. Well, I do not know how it really was, but this friendship helped my ancestor greatly, and after accomplishing great feats in battle, my ancestor rose to the rank of duke.”’
“Great feats in battle…”
“Yes. This country was fighting many wars during that time. And it is said that when the first Liebert went to war, the Silver Fenrir appeared like the wind and saved the duke.”

So if he fought, the powerful Silver Silver Fenrir would save him.
I knew that they were strong. They were said to be the strongest of monsters. How much impact had it had during the war, I wonder?
Well, he had ultimately become someone who was only under the royal family, so it must have been glorious indeed.

“It is because of the results of the war, and victory for the country, that House Liebert decided to use the Silver Fenrir on our crest. Ever since then, it has become our duty to respect the Silver Fenrirs.”

In other words, if it was because of the Silver Fenrir that he rose to duke, they had to show their gratitude towards it.
But it was hard to think of Leo as the same kind of Silver Fenrir. Not when she had just stuffed herself with sausages and was now curled up on the floor…


As I looked at Leo and thought of such things, she raised her head and barked as if to say, ‘What?’
You are a reliable buddy.
I said to Leo with my eyes… But I didn’t know if she understood me.

“Many people who live in towns or villages governed by House Liebert are aware of the connection to Silver Fenrirs.”
“Because of the stories about the first duke…”
“Yes. For instance, Ms. Emeralda, who we met today. She thought Leo was a Silver Fenrir because I was there.”

Yes, she had said something like that.
I think it was… ‘It has silver fur and is with Lady Claire.’
As the duke’s daughter, and knowing that their family crest is the Silver Fenrir, she would have quickly assumed that Leo was a Silver Fenrir.
Especially since the appearance, including the fangs, were so similar.

“And that is why House Liebert will warmly welcome you and Leo. …Well, aside from the personal reason that you saved me. Hehe.”
“Haha. It was Leo who saved you.”

Ms. Claire chuckled as her story ended.
She was even more pretty when she laughed.
I saw that Sebastian, the maids, and Tilura were all nodding with smiles, and I really did feel that we were welcome here.
I knew that, and yet I still felt awkward about having a room prepared for me, and having them pay for purchases that I made.
Still, it wasn’t as if I would continue to rely on their hospitality.
Now that I knew I had the Gift, ‘Weed Cultivation,’ I would have to think about a way that it could be useful.

“…Mr. Takumi. Do you have a minute?”
“…What is it, Sebastian?”

He had been waiting behind Ms. Claire up until now, but he suddenly stepped close to me and spoke in a hushed voice.
While Sebastian was a handsome older gentleman, I still didn’t care to have another man’s face so close to me…

“When do you intend on giving the items to the ladies? I am sure they will be very pleased…”
“The items… Ah!”

I remembered.
I had bought something for them.
My sudden exclamation caused Ms. Claire, Tilura and the maids to turn in our direction with puzzled expressions.
While I had bought it for the two, Sebastian had lended me the money. So it was a little awkward. Still, it would be best to give it to them now.

“…Do you think I should give it to them now, Sebastian?”
“You have both just explained your origins to each other, so it seems like the best time to do it.”
“I understand.”

While I had left my belongings in my room, I had brought the presents with me.
And so I took them out and placed them on the table.

“Ms. Claire, Tilura.”
“What is it?”

They answered, but also looked very curious about the things placed on the table.

“Uhh… I wanted to give you something to show my gratitude…and thought these would suit you two… But, uh, I borrowed money to pay for them and uh…”
“…Mr. Takumi, please pull yourself together.”

As I hadn’t been thinking about how I would give it to them, I ended up floundering through my speech. And Sebastian was not impressed.
Still, the maids seemed to have understood my intent, and they watched on with supportive looks.
I think…Sebastian may have told them before dinner… On the other hand, Ms. Claire and Tilura still looked at me uncomprehendingly.
One really shouldn’t do things that they weren’t used to. Still, I searched for the right words to say when handing them the presents.

“It’s just that…the thing is…it is a sign of my gratitude for all of the help… Yes… Please take it.”

Surely there were better words to say…
Leaving that aside, I handed Tilura the necklace with the silver wolf.
As she was so fond of Leo, she would probably like it?

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. Aye, a fellow speech-inept comrade! As is par for the course.

    I now see Ms Claire and Tilura’s father trying to get Takumi wed to one of them (most likely Ms Claire).

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Hmm… I wonder if Takumi is doing something that can be misconstrued as a proposal in this world? If the Duke hears about the entire situation, he should be determined to marry either of his daughters to Takumi so he can secure Leo for the family. He should even be willing to make Takumi the heir because Leo would be that meaningful to the family.

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