My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 54

We Entered the Forest

While using the water made by Sebastian and Leo to wash the dishes, I asked him a little about magic.
Apparently, while you could make drinking water with magic, it was really about gathering the moisture that was already in the air.
And so it was possible that other substances in the air could get mixed in. And so they didn’t normally acquire drinking water in this way.

“Now that I think about it, I had completely forgotten about drinking water…”

It was a good thing that Sebastian and Ms. Lyra were with us.
I didn’t prepare anything to stay outdoors…aside from clothes and a few personal items.
Still, you could drink the water from the river. And so we would just follow it upstream and then explore from there.
However, they did have a few bottles of water in the leather bags, just in case.
By traveling along the river, we could travel more lightly, and also restock on any water we used.

“I see… The securing of water really should be the main priority.”

Such knowledge had not really been familiar to me up until now.
I had never spent much time outdoors. And there was never a time in Japan where I was without drinking water. So it could not be helped, I suppose.
I didn’t know if I would travel much in this world, aside from this forest, but it was good to keep that in mind.
After we washed the wooden plates and pot, we checked our belongings.
I also doubled-checked my clothes and other items just in case.
Everyone had something assigned to them to carry, and when we were done checking, we set off again.

“Mr. Takumi, Lady Claire. Please take these before we go into the forest…”

Sebastian took out two small swords from his back and handed them to us.
I suppose they were called short swords?
They were light, and could be swung with one hand.
Well, I had never held a sword, not even a bamboo one. So I didn’t know if I could swing it properly…
However, why had Sebastian handed them to Ms. Claire and I?

“We do not know what is in the forest. So we must prepare for anything. Besides, you can also use it to cut down any vines that are in your way as you walk.”
“I see… Thank you. I’ve never used a weapon like this.. But I’ll keep it, just in case.”
“Thank you, Sebastian.”

And so Ms. Claire and I accepted the swords and attached the sheaths to our belts.

“Wuff? …Sniff-sniff.”

Leo brought her head close to the sword and started to sniff it.
She probably noticed that I was wearing something that I didn’t usually wear.
After smelling it lightly, she moved away.

“Now, everyone. We will begin our search of the forest. Are you all ready?”
“Of course.”
“I’m ready.”
“We will keep you all safe.”
“We will keep you all safe.”

Sebastian called out to everyone, and they all replied.
The two guards, one of them being Phillip, were very enthusiastic.
It almost seemed like Sebastian was the leader of this group now, even though Ms. Claire was the actual leader…or so I was told.
I suppose that due to the vast experience and knowledge that was a result of his age, it was inevitable that we should rely on him like this.

And so one guard was left to watch the horses, and the rest of us entered the forest.
Sebastian took the lead, and Phillip and Ms. Lyra walked behind him.
And behind them, there was Ms. Claire and Johanna, and then Leo and I walked behind them.
And in the very back was the last guard, whose name I had not heard yet.

As for our luggage, Sebastian carried the pots, while Ms. Lyra carried the clothing of a few people, including Ms. Claire, and other items.
Phillip carried the camping tools, Johanna carried the clothes that Ms. Lyra couldn’t hold, and the other guard carried the food supplies.
I was in charge of drinking water, and my own belongings.
Leo wasn’t able to carry anything… Perhaps she could have carried something if we strapped it to her back… I would have to think of something if we ever did this again.

Ms. Claire was carrying a large leather bag on her shoulder, which contained small items and clothes she didn’t want anyone else to carry.
Didn’t want anyone to carry…did that mean… No, I wouldn’t pry into that…

“First, we’ll cut through the forest until we reach the river.”

This was to secure the water.
We should stick near the river and explore from there.
With a large landmark like a river, we could avoid getting lost, even while in the forest where our vision would be interrupted.
The last thing we wanted was a situation where we were all separated and lost.
It would be like something out of a horror film.

“Wou! Wou!”
“What is it Leo? You suddenly seem much happier after we entered the forest.”

Leo was barking rhymically, almost like she was humming.

“Wuff-wuff. Wou!”

Was it that comfortably nostalgic for her?

“Nostalgic… But Leo, it was the first time for you, just like it was for me, wasn’t it? And it hasn’t been that long since we were here.”

As she walked, Leo adeptly avoided the trees. At the same time, her voice and expression was trying to convey something to me.

“Wou? Wou-wuff-wuff. Wou-wuff-wuff.”

It was a little harder to understand, because I was moving. Uhh…I wonder why? I don’t know the reason, but it just feels nostalgic… Something like that.

“I see… Perhaps it’s because this place is called the Fenrir Forest.”

Leo tilted her head as she looked down at me.
As Leo was so big, her head was positioned very high.
She used to be the one who had to look up at me.

“There could be a reason. After all, they say that this is the place where Ms. Claire’s ancestor met a Silver Fenrir. So perhaps now that you’re a Silver Fenrir, Leo, there is something to this place that you can feel.”
“Wuff-wuff. Wuff!”

While Leo didn’t understand the reason clearly, she was definitely different now that we were here.
Her fluffy tail was wagging a little.
We were just walking normally. And Leo only wagged her tail when in a good mood.
It had even sounded like she was humming, so there must be something that she can feel in this forest.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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