My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 406

Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian made fun of me

“Mr. Takumi. Are you thinking of something strange?”
“N-no…nothing really…”
“I hope you will continue to not be thinking about destroying Ractos?”
“Yes, I will not think of such a thing. I am very fond of Ractos.”

After seeing me deep in thought, Mr. Ekenhart suddenly looked frantic.
However, Ractos was the first town I went to in this world.
And in general, the people did not fear or try to avoid Leo.
They were definitely curious, but it could not be helped, as Leo was so big.

While there had been incidents, like with the herbs and illness, the people were overall very friendly.
I felt that this was due to the duke not being oppressive in governing his people.
In any case, I would not destroy a town that I liked.
And I wouldn’t let Leo do it, even if she could.

“Considering the possibility of good Leo destroying Ractos, it would be much easier to catch Deam and settle this matter.”
“Indeed. Since they should be few in number, as long as we prepare carefully, it should not be difficult to suppress him. Though, there may be civilian casualties…”
“But that is still better than the whole town.”
“Hey, hey. I already said that we won’t be doing that. You shouldn’t think about such morbid things.”

If such a thing did happen, it would have a serious impact on the duke’s house, and put me and Leo in danger as well.
We would be worse villains than Deam ever was.
Dangerous enemies of the kingdom.

“Well, who knows? People retaliate in surprising ways when their own are targeted. And if Mr. Takumi becomes angry, good Leo will as well. And then no one will be able to stop them.”
“For instance, if Lady Claire or Tilura were threatened by someone. The duke would easily move an army if necessary.”
“Well, if that happened, I would also do what I can to fight against the enemy, but… Something like that won’t happen, will it? So it will be fine.”
“…One would hope.”
It was with such thoughts that we returned to the mansion.
This was because Ms. Gelda had come to tell us that dinner was ready.

“Well then…”
“Yes, thank you. Liza, go and get cleaned, okay?”
“Yes, okay!”

After dinner, I lightly explained everything to Ms. Claire and the others, and then I trained and returned to my room.
I didn’t want to talk about it in detail where Liza could hear, and so I was quite vague. But she had likely spoken to Sebastian about it later.
I then watched as Ms. Lyra took Liza away to be bathed.
While Mr. Ekenhart and I had been talking with Mark, Liza had spent her time rolling in the mud with Leo, Tilura and Sherry. And so she was completely filthy.

Apparently, they wanted Sherry to practice rolling.
And Leo was monitoring them.
As Sherry was a fenrir, I didn’t know if such training was necessary. But it seemed like she was having fun.
Now that Liza was no longer holding back, she was able to play in the mud with Tilura. That made me happy.
Besides, she could easily wash it off. Though, it meant more work for the maids.

They had wiped off most of it before dinner, but it wasn’t everything. Besides, they were sweating as well, and so I told Liza that she must go and take a bath.
Well, not that she was gone, it was time to talk to Leo about Mark.
She had been glancing at me occasionally during dinner, as if she had questions…which was unusual. Leo was usually so engrossed in her food.

“Yes, yes. I will tell you. Uh…”

Leo had turned to me and barked as if to urge me on.
And so I started to explain to her about Mark and Deam.
Do I have to tell Leo everything… I did wonder. But she was my buddy who I had come to this world with.
And so it was best to share as much information as possible.
Besides, if I wanted to do the thing I had thought of during dinner, then I would require Leo’s cooperation.

“And so the villain of the whole thing…the person who gave the order, is this person called Deam. Well, he probably didn’t tell him to throw the rock directly. I will not say that Mark is innocent, but… Well, we will just have to leave that Mr. Ekenhart.”
“Wuff. …Wuff?”
“Haha. Good one, Leo. So you knew what I was thinking about?”

After listening to the explanation, Leo nodded and then tilted her head as if to say, ‘But that’s not all, is it?’
As we had known each other for such a long time, she knew what I was thinking.
That was very perceptive. Though, I hoped that she didn’t actually know everything that was going on in my mind.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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