Ken yo, kaku katariki – 10

10 – Encounter

(The gunfire is getting farther away? But…)

While rushing through the forest, the fading gunfire was puzzling, and so I searched for the presences.

(No, there is still one remaining. And the monsters are…being baited?)

The guns did interest me.
But no matter how you looked at it, the person left behind would be in trouble.
It’s possible that any attempt to aid them would not be welcomed or could even be met with hostility. But that wasn’t as bad as leaving someone to die.

(Their number… One bear and numerous wolves!)

…Walking technique, Sky Walk.
I rose into the air and accelerated in a straight line and…got it!

My blade came down.
Without any resistance, the bear’s head went flying into the air.


There was a woman there, who was just about to fight the bear.
I stopped right next to her and declared briskly, ‘I’m here to assist.’

…Woah, she’s so pretty. Damn it.
What if she says something like, ‘you foolish ruffian!’… No, this wasn’t some competitive game, as far as I was aware.

“Um, are you alright?”

“Hah…ah…uh, yes.”

She was clearly very confused, and so I confirmed that she was fine.
She did not look injured, even if her clothes and face were dirty.

“Uhh, I’ll go and deal with the wolves then.”

There would be no mercy towards death deserving monsters. We could not have a calm conversation with them around.

…Walking Technique, White Water.

I moved towards the wolves, who were trying to tighten their net, like a flowing river.
To put it simply, White Water was a walking technique that exploited the gap in one’s awareness. Read your opponent’s breathing, and move around them through special walking that involves rapid acceleration and deceleration.
For your opponent, it was like you had teleported.

At that point, it would be over.
My sword slashed in the air, cutting off the wolf’s head. And in the same way, I cut down the other ten.

In the blink of an eye, there was a mountain of corpses.
With a clink, the blade returned to its sheath, and I sighed with relief.

But when I turned my eyes back to the woman…she looked visibly tense.

“…Are you a hunter?”


I was puzzled. But the suspicion in her eyes grew stronger.
This was not good!

“Uh, I was just passing by and heard the sounds of fighting… Uh, I lived on that mountain over there.”

“Mountain? Lived?”

“Tha-that’s right…”

She stared so hard that I averted my eyes.
Why did being stared suspiciously by a pretty face make me so nervous!

“…Sorry. More importantly, thank you so much for helping me.”

“No, I should be thanking you…”

For what?
As I bowed back and looked around awkwardly…


She chuckled and sheathed her narrow blade. Her hand touched her mouth as she smiled.

“I really am sorry. But the way you fought was so incredible… I ended up acting rudely, even though you just helped me.”

“Ah, no, it’s fine.”

Why are you talking like that? I’m nervous! Because she’s so pretty! I-I-I’m no virgin! (Delusion)

“I am Iria Orlando. You have my gratitude for rescuing me.”

“Ah… I’m Yukito. You don’t have to be so formal. Besides, I think we’re the same age.”

We both bowed and introduced ourselves. Ms. Iria, huh? Even her name was pretty.
She must be between 18 and 20. She had a very cool air about her. Blonde hair, cold green eyes and skin like silk. She would have certainly attracted a lot of attention back at home.

“Then just call me Iria.”

“And you can call me Yukito.”

We shook hands, and I was taken in by that cool smile of hers…and then I sensed someone approaching from behind.

“Ah, looks like help has arrived.”

I said as I turned around. Seconds later, about a dozen people appeared, making their way through the trees.

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Ken yo, kaku katariki ~ Ken to mahō no isekai ni tensei shita noni jitsu wa bunmei ga gendai reberu datta ken

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