My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 445

Sebastian explained it excitedly

“Well, the demonstration can come later. For now, we should talk about the herb fields. Mr. Haines, I assume you have already decided to give your permission?”
“…Yes. We would gladly welcome Mr. Takumi and Leo to the village. And we have no reason to object. Especially with the duke’s involvement. I think it would help breathe new life into the village.”
“It is good to hear that. Now then…”

Sebastian seemed to have become a little impatient, as the conversation kept changing, moving from Mr. Ekenhart, Ms. Claire and me. And so he quickly summarized everything and asked for Mr. Haines’s permission.
After that, he explained to Mr. Haines about how we were currently studying different ways of growing the herbs.
He looked like he wanted to talk about that for a while.
He had only been holding back, as there were things Mr. Ekenhart and I had to discuss with Mr. Haines first. But he could wait no longer.

Well, I had said most of the important stuff, and since Mr. Haines had agreed, it was not bad timing.
Though, I did think that Mr. Haines had already decided to give his permission, and had come here in order to hear more details.

“So…here it is. The wine and medicinal wine that will be made in Range village and sold across the lands.”
“This wine… But it looks different from our wine? And this…”

Once he finished talking about the herb fields, the conversation moved to the wine.
Sebastian had asked one of the maids to bring enough for everyone to taste.
As it was made by mixing wine with herbs, we wanted Range village to make more wine…
Perhaps we should have talked about this point in the very beginning, but we got side-tracked.
Mostly because I hadn’t thought about my house. And then there was Ms. Claire…

“This is what we call rosé wine. While the color and scent is the same as the original wine…isn’t the color pretty?”
“Indeed… It tastes and smells the same as our wine.”

Mr. Haines took a sip and confirmed with a nod that it was the same wine.
As he was the chief of the village, he knew a lot about their wine.

“While the wine from Range village is delicious, it is too similar to other kinds of wine to get any notice. And so we have this wine. Even though it is practically the same, we can sell it in clear bottles, which will make it stick out visually. We expect it to be especially popular with women.”
“I see… I suppose you are right. While we sent much of our wine to Ractos, it was not exactly flying off of shelves. Some places did favor out wine…until the illness spread…”

Sebastian sounded like he was doing his best impression of a salesman as he talked about the wine.
Mr. Haines nodded and seemed convinced.
I was surprised that the wine hadn’t done too well in Ractos… It was so good. Or maybe it was because I hadn’t tasted the other wines yet.

Also, it seemed that rumors had spread about the connection between the wine and illness.
Even though the whole business was done, many people would have suspected the connection.
And so many of the stores stopped buying from them.
Well, there was nothing you could do to stop rumors. Especially since it was true.

“I see… So, about this wine. It is beautiful! And tastes just as good as the old wine from Range village! And with the duke’s house backing it, the quality is assured!”

Sebastian said excitedly.

“…And so in order to spread this through Ractos and other towns and villages, we need you to make more wine.”
“Ah… I understand now. With this beautiful color, and the duke’s endorsement, we won’t have to worry about the rumors anymore. However… How did you make this?”
“It’s the…Ramogi!”

After pausing for a brief moment, Sebastian explained that we had mixed Ramogi in the wine.
When soaking Ramogi in water, the medicinal substances cause the color to change.
We used this to create the pink color in the wine… Well, it was really just a coincidence.

Mr. Haines was very surprised to hear that adding the Ramogi to the contaminated wine had made it harmless.
Apparently, he thought that the wine he had just drunk was something we had acquired from Ractos, that happened to be safe.
And so when he learned that we had used the wine that I brought back, and made it so that it would cause you to become ill, he looked at me with great respect.
He would probably start worshiping me if Mr. Ekenhart was not there.
I would not have liked that at all. So I was glad that the others were here.

After that, we finished explaining about the wine. I told him to not expect it to sell well immediately. But people will slowly feel the effects, and word will spread.
The taste and smell was not the selling point, but that it was healthy. Mr. Haines was surprised by that.
Apparently, it was an unusual way to sell products.
I suppose it was easier to sell something just because it tasted good…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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