Seisan Mahoushi – 197

Chapter 197 – Regret!?

“Hmmm…what should we do?”

Milina was at a loss due to the foxes who were clinging to her and would not let go.

After we had defeated the King Bug, we returned once to Fendel in order to return the children to the foxfolk.

However, the fox cubs did not want to leave the house. And they also refused to get into the carriage.

Monica, who had stayed behind, said,

“While I think part of it is the comfort, it seems that they had also become attached to Yomotsu’s children, as well as the children from Fletta’s village.”
“So they do not want to return then.”

It happened a lot with human children as well.

Besides, this town was probably very new and refreshing.

Melk also muttered.

“It would feel bad about taking them away by force…”

Iria also doted on them, and so she had a conflicted expression.

Mette folded her arms and said,

“However, what should we do? I’m sure that with time, they will start to miss their parents.”
“Some will sooner than others. It is not realistic to wait.”

Ecleshia said, and then with a heavy heart, suggested,

“There are flowers that can put people to sleep. That could be one way to take them back…”
“So they will think it was all a dream. Indeed, for the foxfolk, that may be preferable.”

As Asuha said, for the parents and the chief, that might be more convenient.

Once the children woke up, the parents could explain that Fendel village was all a dream. And that none of it had happened.

That being said, the foxfolk had been attacked as well, and the memory of that could not be erased. And so there would be plenty who believed that the dream was real.

In any case, this was quite troublesome to deal with.

And then Mette brought up the safest solution.

“Mm. What about calling a representative of the foxfolk? We should know what they are thinking as well.”

But then someone chuckled.

When I turned around, I saw that Yomotsu was there. Like Milina, he was also covered by the fox children.

I couldn’t help but think that it looked cute, but Yomotsu’s expression could not have been more serious.

Mette looked stunned for a moment, but then she glared at Yomotsu.

“What is so funny?”
“They will not be able to do anything. And when they see the children like this, they will likely let them go.”
“But these are their own children! They wouldn’t just…”
“Yes, they would.”

Yomotsu said flatly.

Mette could not say anything in reply. After all, a certain incident had proved the truth of Yomotsu’s words.

The chief of the foxfolk had offered to give them one of their children to show their gratitude.

In order to protect their tribe’s ways, they will let go of children. That was the society of the foxfolk.

I asked Yomotsu,

“You are saying that they will definitely not welcome them back?”
“Of course, you can hand them over, without telling the foxfolk anything. However, now that they know what it is like here, some of the children will definitely wish to return to Fendel. And such people will be banished for sure. Well, I am sure that it all means nothing to you…”

We would welcome anyone who needed help.
And so if the fox children were banished then they could come and live in the village.

However, leaving their parents… It did not change the fact that the banished children would be hurt.

Yomotsu said,

“I just think…that there is no reason to put the children through all of that.”

In other words, we should put them to sleep without worrying. If it was a dream, then the children would give up. But even then, I think that a few would insist that it was real…

However, Yomotsu must really believe what he was saying. There was a sadness in his eyes as he looked at the children who were covering him.

Both he and his wife had been banished for some reason.

And so he hated them… But could not hate the children as well.

I nodded in agreement.

“Ecleshia…please gather the flowers then.”
“Very well… Do not worry. It will not harm them in any way. It will just help them sleep, and recover their strength. And since it is tasteless, it can be mixed into their food.”

Ecleshia said, and then she told the other Ents to help gather the flowers.

Mette then turned to Yomotsu.

“I was wrong about you… I thought you were insensible.”
“Insensible? …I…in the end…I have killed many human children.”

Yomotsu said, and then he left hastily.

Even though he had not done it himself, he was indirectly to blame is what he meant.

Milina looked at him leaving with sad eyes.

And then she muttered.

“Father… If only he and mother had come to Fendel.”

Perhaps he would not have gotten involved in this revenge.

However, Fendel village was not thriving at that time.

Well, it was possible that the Kijins would have still welcomed them, but…

In any case, it was too late for regrets.

Just then, Milina turned to me as if deciding something.

“Sir Joshua…please. Please allow me to negotiate with the foxfolk.”
“You, Milina?”
“I must…I must know as well.”

She said, and then Iria and I nodded.

We had helped the foxfolk, and so they would surely listen to our demands.

And so we put the sleeping foxfolk into the carriage, and headed back to the place where we had defeated the King Bug.

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