My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 446

I introduced Liza to Rosalie

After we finished discussing the herbs, Gift, and wine, we all moved to the dining room.
We had talked for so long that it was now dinner time.
And just like before, Mr. Haines would be dining with us as a guest. But since Mr. Ekenhart was also here, he seemed very nervous.

“Uh… I am Liza!”
“I’m Rosalie. It’s nice to meet you! …Cute tail and ears. I want them too!”
“Haha! Rosalie, you can’t just grow them because you want to.”

Upon meeting Liza in the dining room, Rosalie declared that she wanted the beastkin ears and tail as well.
I did not expect that reaction… But I was relieved that she was not prejudiced against them.

Rosalie looked a little disappointed when she learned she could not grow them, but she smiled once Liza allowed her to touch her ears and tail.
Liza was very kind.

“It’s so soft!”
“Haha. It tickles…”
“Ahaha! Liza has a very fluffy tail.”
“Wuff? Wuff!”
“I can touch your tail too, Leo? Yay!”

Leo seemed just a little jealous, and wagged her tail in Rosalie’s direction.
Her tail was also very soft…but it seemed unnecessary to feel a sense of rivalry?
Well, Rosalie seemed happy to play with Leo’s tail as well, so it was fine.
Everyone else who was there watched this scene with amusement.
Except for Mr. Haines, who seemed a little flustered… He was probably worried about doing anything rude in front of the duke.
Of course, Mr. Ekenhart was not strict about such things.

Also, Ms. Anne was looking at Rosalie with a jealous expression.
She was still sorry about what happened to Range village, and so she wouldn’t do anything, but… If she wanted to pet Leo so much, she should just say it.
Well, she was still a little afraid of Leo as well.
…It was taking longer than I would have thought…

“Mr. Haines. What do you think about beastkin?”

I turned my attention away from Liza, Rosalie and Leo, as they played, and questioned Mr. Haines.
As he was a guest, I thought I should help him relax.

But I also wanted to know his thoughts about beastkin.
I had already introduced Liza to him, saying that we had rescued her in Ractos.
It was clear that he knew that beastkin were sometimes persecuted.
I wanted to talk to him about it, because I would be taking Liza with me to Range village.

“Aye, Mr. Takumi. I am sorry for Rosalie’s rudeness. Not just to Leo, but to the duke as well…”
“No, not at all. Liza looks happy to have made a new friend. Besides, Mr. Ekenhart does not mind when it comes to such things.”
“Are you sure about that, Mr. Takumi? Well, it is true that I don’t really care.”
“Indeed, father. Mr. Haines, please don’t be so nervous, and enjoy yourself.”

Mr. Haines was more concerned with Rosalie than the beastkin.
While I could see that they were having fun, Mr. Haines was still worried that she would cause offense.

As for Mr. Ekenhart and Ms. Claire, if they were the kind of people who care so much about manners and small details, then I probably wouldn’t be sitting here with them.
I tried to do the bare minimum, but it was likely not much.
As I did not know much about how things were done here, I was grateful that they went easy on me.
Besides, they allowed Leo and Sherry to eat at the table… Which was significant, even if they held fenrirs in high regard…

“In any case, Mr. Haines. What about the beastkin?”
“I do not know a lot… Only about what happened a long time ago. And the rumors. But I was not directly involved in any fighting. But I do believe that the rumors were baseless lies.”

As I thought, he did not have any prejudices against the beastkin.
Judging by his age, I did think he would know something about the war. But he did not trust the rumors themselves.
Perhaps people who didn’t fight were less likely to believe in them.

It would explain how most people in Ractos merely looked at Liza with curiosity. Because these lands were far from where the fighting took place.
It reminded me how bad Deam was to use those rumors for his own gain.
…Thankfully, he had been caught before too much harm was done.
Otherwise, there may have been more people who believed him.
And it would become harder to undo the damage…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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