My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 447

It seemed that Range village did not discriminate against beastkin

“In that case, it should be fine to take Liza to Range village.”
“As long as Mr. Takumi and Leo are there, there should not be a problem. While the children of the village might do something rude…like Rosalie…”
“Hmm. Well, things do happen between children. That is not strange. As long as they do not hate beastkin, it should be fine.”
“I do not think that the children would be prejudiced… Of course, they have never seen a beastkin before… But they know better than to believe such senseless rumors.”
“I am relieved to hear that.”

Liza was still a child.
Due to her past experiences, there was something a little mature…as if she was resigned to her fate.
And while I wanted her to live peacefully in Range village, it was also natural for children to disagree or fight sometimes. It could not be helped.
And if any were prejudiced, I could talk to them.

I wanted Liza to experience being a normal child.
Besides, it seemed like her unusual ears and tail were well-received by girls.

“Well, let us eat then.”

Once the food was served, we started to eat.
Today, the seating was slightly different from usual.
Mr. Ekenhart sat the head, and Ms. Claire and Ms. Anne sat on his left. While Mr. Haines and I sat on his right.

A short distance away, Sherry, Leo, Tilura, Liza, and Rosalie sat together. Mr. Ekenhart thought the children would enjoy being put together.
Leo was being watchful so that Sherry did not eat too much… She was quite strict.

While Tilura, Rosalie and Liza were not the same age, they were close enough, and seemed to be having fun together.
For once, Ms. Claire did not bother to warn Tilura about her manners.

“By the way, Mr. Ekenhart…”
“Mmmt is it, Mr. mmmakumi?”
“Father. Don’t speak with food in your mouth…”

Mr. Ekenhart was smiling and looking at Tilura when I spoke to him.
But my timing must have been bad, as he had a mouthful of meat, and I could not understand what he was saying…
Ms. Claire scolded him for this, and I had to wait for him to chew it up and swallow.

“No, I was just thinking about where we will live. I would not feel comfortable in a house that is too big… And also, there is the cost.”
“You’re still worried about that? I told you already. We will profit from it as well. So building one mansion is nothing. And Claire will stay there. And if there are servants, then a house of this size is necessary.”
“No…I think that is much too big…”

This house belonged to a duke. It was incredibly vast.
I had never explored it from corner to corner, but there were three floors, and it was very wide.
It would take you several minutes to cross from one side to the other.
Besides, there was also the garden and walls that surrounded the area.

Surely that was much too big to build in Range village…
I understood that it couldn’t be small, because Leo was with me. But I still wanted something simple and cozy.

“I would not be able to relax in such a place…”
“Is that so? Hmm… But you seem pretty relaxed here.”

While that was true, I still felt like I was imposing on their hospitality.
Well, it was true in some ways, so I didn’t mind, as long as I was here.
But I was going to be independent now, managing my own fields.

“The servants are very kind to me here. And so I am comfortable. Ms. Claire and the others are also very friendly.”
“Because it is also in our best interest to have you and Leo here. You are like family now. …Sometimes, I feel a little out of place, when it is just my daughters here.”
“Oh. Nothing, Claire.”

Perhaps Mr. Ekenhart had wanted a son as well.
In any case, I felt happy that he saw me like family now.

After that, we continued to eat and talk about what should be done with the house in Range village.
I was mainly trying to get Mr. Ekenhart to stop his plans for building a large house.
Even though it was related to his village, Mr. Haines refrained from saying anything.
He was glad of being directly connected to the duke, and so as far as the village was concerned, the size of the house was not important.
…I had hoped that he would support me, and say that a large mansion was not fitting for the village… Well, he did not seem like the type to say such a thing.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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