Cave King – 1


However, the wind that I created was just a gentle breeze.

Yes…that was the power of my magic. Most people would have been able to create a stronger gust of wind, but I didn’t have enough magical energy for that.


Still, I desperately continued to make it blow.




The boat slowly slid up onto land.

Then I got off of the boat and tied it to a jutting rock so that it would not drift away.


“Phew…now, that’s one problem out of the way.”


There was no one here, but I still talked to myself.

Yes, it was to distract from how lonely I felt.


While I was looked down upon, I still exchanged a word or two with others before.

Besides, it also made a difference if you could at least see that there were other people around you.

But now, the only thing that I could see was the ash-colored rocks.


It was too late to try and return now.

The ship that had carried me was disappearing at the horizon.


I might have been better off disobeying the order so that I could be executed instead.

Well, no. I didn’t want to die…


I shook the thought out of my head and began to carry my cargo out of the boat.


“I’ll need a safe place to store it…”


The food would be ruined if the rain or waves got at it.

I would also have to find a place I could sleep in.


“That cave looks like a good spot.”


I found a single empty cave in an elevated area.

It really was the only hole that I could even find.


And so I picked up a barrel and headed to the cave.

However, when I reached it and looked inside, a chilling scene awaited me.




It was a small cave that perhaps ten people could have slept in. And inside, were numerous skeletons.

And they weren’t just human skeletons. Some were from beasts and monsters.


Judging by the old tools and wooden boxes, they must have all been living here.

Had they been exiled too? Or did they drift from somewhere else?

Still, they must have eventually run out of food and water and then died.


You will meet the same fate…the bones seemed to say to me.


I didn’t mean to be stingy, but sleeping with the dead was not my thing.

However, there really wasn’t any other place to go.

At the very least, I would have to keep my supplies here.


“I guess I’ll just carry it all here for now…”


After some time, I managed to finish carrying everything.

Even though it was a short distance, it was very hard to walk on the uneven ground.

I would have to rest for a while.


And so I sat down inside of the cave and looked outside.


The sea from here looked incredibly beautiful.

Unlike the royal capital, the only sounds I could hear were the ocean waves and the seagulls.


What a wonderful place…no, no, that’s not right.


Right now, I had to focus on my survival.


I didn’t come here without thinking about that.

In fact, my intention was to be rescued by a passing ship.

And then I would hide and live somewhere where my father couldn’t find me.


So it couldn’t be any ships from my home country.

They all knew that I was not to be allowed to leave this place.


So, that meant I would have to rely on foreign ships or pirates…

But even if they took me off the island, they would just sell me off as a slave. That was obvious.


In the first place, this was not along any routes for trading vessels. And it was much too far for fishermen to come close to. Besides, it was also dangerous to come so close to the reefs.


“Hahh…what should I do…”


I only had a month’s worth of food and water.

As for water, I could use the barrel to collect rainwater.

That is if it even rained.


In an emergency, I could gather moisture from the air with water magic.

However, with my power, it was all I could do to make a few drops…


Perhaps I could catch fish for food.

I had a fishing pole. However, it would be hard when the tide is high.


As for anything else I could do now, I could clean up the cave.


As there were bones and old tools everywhere, I would have to make this place a little more comfortable.


However, I didn’t want to be disrespectful either.

But then again, I couldn’t exactly offer them a proper burial here…


I picked up a pickaxe, that I had brought with me.


“I guess I could try digging with this…”


An amateur trying to dig into rock…maybe it would be a waste of strength…


<<You possess a tool that makes mining possible.>>


A voice suddenly rang in my head without warning.




And like that, my life in the cave began.

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  1. Interesting novel. Thank u for translate. Also, what happen to Ryusousha ha Shizukani Kurashitai? Is it drop? I havent see new chapter. I hope someone tell me what the news for the novel.

    • Its on a break. Hopefully it will be back soon. Please consider reading Makai Hongi by the same author in the meant time.

      • Thank you for the info. I love Makai Hongi to. I already finish read it in raw.

  2. OK the puppy and slime are very cute.

    Anyways if Minecraft has taught us anything, it’s that mining is important essential.

    I don’t know why they’re shunning him so much. Cave King doesn’t even sound bad. Compared to the names of other unique abilities that these type of protagonists tend to have, Cave King sounds dignified.

    • That is because no one has ever seen/heard of cave king. Plus the fact that to figure out that he had it he had to “act” in a cave.

  3. Excellent translation, a pleasure to read.

    Also the story looks like it could be quite good based on this first chapter.

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