Cave King – 106


“…What is that?”

“The cries of the Chimera. Perhaps they are fighting over territory.”

“I see… Still, there must be a lot of them.”

At first it had sounded like two, but now I couldn’t even count them.

“They have their own factions as well. If you are discovered by one of them, there is a possibility that they will call others, so you must be careful! There was one time where I was chased by a dozen of them, and I had to hide inside of a pot of salt for a whole year!”

Aries said without a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

“So you were pickled…”

Fule and Taran seemed to drool for a second.

“Well, I suppose we should try and avoid being seen then.”

“Yes. They are lured by the smell of blood, so it will be best to move secretively.”

“I see. I guess we better follow Aries, and hide as much as possible.”

That being said, I didn’t know any magic that would help conceal us.

If only I knew a spell that would make us invisible.

“We’ll take it slowly then. I want to get a good look at this city.”

Shiel nodded, and then she extended a part of her body out like an arrow.

She was pointing at a dense cluster of buildings that was right ahead of where we stood.

“The center of the city? We’ll have to be very careful. As for behind us…all good.”

The golems had caught up with us, and they were equipped with shields.

And not only could they use magic, but they were covered in heavy armor made of Mithril.

I would have them guard this area, so the Chimera did not get out.

“Contact the surface if anything happens. I’m counting on you.”

And with that, we turned towards the underground city, and made our way down the hill.

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  1. Skyscrapers…they just need to add some nests on top of them and it would be the perfect home for the Wyverns. Actually surprised of how long they.have take to hash with this particular storyline almost always solving things right away.

  2. Pickled alien octopus… poor Aries, what an interesting and harsh life she led.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • She’s quickly becoming my fav character.

      An arrogant lil pipsqueak who has zero self awareness, thank goodness she’s chibi! Oh, also incredibly dangerous.

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