Cave King – 112


In fact, his real crest was ‘Twilight,’ which allowed him to erase his presence and the sound of his footsteps. He was the greatest assassin in the kingdom.

So he could understand why his father had sent him. He had been given secret assassinaion orders before. And he had never failed.

Oren had no idea of this. But Balpas was ordered to uncover all of Sheorl’s secrets.

But why was Oren here as well…

It would make sense if they were going to invade the island.

While Oren was still young and often lazy, his skill in magic was among the best in the kingdom.

Surely he would have no problem defeating the likes of Heal.

However, this was just a mission to investigate.

Even in the palace, Oren was known to act with much cruelty. His blood was quick to boil, and he killed both humans and animals as if it were nothing.

There had been a pretty little bird that sang in the palace garden one day.

It was nothing to take note of. It was as common a sight as was possible. No one should have cared.

However, Oren was awakened by its song, and as soon as he got out of bed, he destroyed the bird with his fire.

But that was not enough to satisfy him, and he went on to exterminate every single little bird in the city.

Of course, word of this started to spread, and the king was forced to confront his son.

Oren replied that he wanted to ensure that his sleep was never disturbed again.

‘I see,’ was the king’s reply. And the matter was not brought up again.

Balpas thought Oren a very disagreeable and eerie man.

However, as someone who lived mostly in the shadows, he did not care too much about him.

Still, things were different now that they were forced to work together.

The first impression one usually got when looking at Oren, was that he was handsome and appeared to be kind.

However, he would get angry at the most insignificant things, and do what he wanted without any regard for the consequences.

He was not a good fit for an investigation mission.

Why had his father sent him off with a man that was so different from him? A man who might do something that could make all out war inevitable?

Balpas could not understand it.

…Well, Heal wasn’t exactly anyone’s idea of normal either. He had just declared himself Emperor, after all. Things were really getting out of hand.

While Heal had not been the smartest, Balpas could hardly believe that he would do such a thing. Perhaps the island had caused Heal to lose his mind.

Besides, there was the matter of these monsters. It was definitely a mission like no other.

On Sheorl, Balpas would have no one to rely on but himself—why did his father always have to push the troublesome work onto him?

Balpas sighed and then opened his mouth as if to hammer the nail in.

“…I don’t know what you are thinking, but you better stay out of the way while the grownups work. I want to return to the capital as soon as possible and drink with some pretty ladies. Brats like you should stay out of sight. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes. We’ll finish it as soon as possible. And then we can leave.”

Oren said as he petted a bottle he had placed on the table. It was filled with crushed bones.

The warship was now only a day away from Sheorl Island.

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  1. I wish a Leviathan or Kraken would just sink their ship and eat them.

    So this seems pretty obvious that Heal’s father is a piece of shit. You don’t send an assassin and a psychopath to just investigate and calculate taxes that Sheorl should pay. These two need to die.

  2. Belpas is an Assassin that will uncover Sheorl’s secrets and the Psycopath Oren will hate counting taxes and cause mayham/try to kill everyoone. This will give Belpas the time he needs to do his job.

    I think the Kind is just testing his son. I just want to Believe that the king, His father is Calculating enough to use everything he has available to further his cause Son’s included.

    • We already knew that one was a piece of shit,was the one that killed Heal’s pet.

      Also the King asking for taxes naa,he is mad because Heal called himself emperor

      • I personally think the reason the older brother said for himself to be there is correct. With his crest that lets him sneak around, it’s a good way to possibly find out some secrets.

        As for the the younger brother, think about his crest and what it means. With the mage crest he has a strong mana pool so he should be able to detect/feel magic from others. So he should be able to tell who is strong as well as some of the defenses like the giant Mappa golem.

  3. Oh boy, more trouble. Time to prepare to get annoyed.

    Is the vial of crushed bones that thing that appeared prematurely in the manga? Or was that something just brought up randomly to demonstrate Oren’s cruelty.

  4. I think there’s a “catch” here of those 2 princes… As I observed, most of the comments are badly negative towards the two. There are 2 main reasons, One, Balpas has the assassin job- its dark, and mostly related to killings. Second, the traits of Oren as a wolf in sheep-skin. BUT the catch is… Both have different behavior, one has a dark work but better as a person, and while the other is the opposite as a Sage would be.

    I admit, in part 1 I thought Oren, as the youngest/younger than Heal – be the nicer one. Hence it failed my Judgment of the character… I suspect Balpas be the peer would come to Heal’s side.

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