Cave King – 124


“Well, you will just have to practice then. Hmm, it seems like this one is more popular than the advanced magic… Very well!”

Elto saw that the other residents were shouting with excitement, and she launched more and more Fire Bombs into the air.

And like that, fireworks with all kinds of colors appeared in the sky.

The rest of us tried to copy them, and it was the beginning of a little fireworks festival.


“Captain! We discovered three spots where water is leaking in!!”

“You have to keep the ship floating no matter what!! This is His Majesty’s ship!!”

Due to the two black explosions, a scene similar to hell was now before the crew of the ship.

Three of their masts were now broken, leaving only one remaining.

With only one sail left, they could not have enough wind power to propel the great battleship forward.

The blasts had also rocked the ship, and the waves caused the boards to creak.

Three large holes had opened up, and there were nearly a dozen smaller ones.

Balpas could no longer hide his abilities, he quickly moved around the ship and went about repairing the damage.

Once the clanging of his hammer stopped, Balpas looked up to the crew on the deck and shouted.

“Hey! This one is fine now!”

“Th-thank you, Your Highness! The other one is on the other side! But it’s not an emergency!”

“I see! Then I’ll drink some water first! Phew… Why I am the one doing this…”

They hadn’t even reached Sheorl yet, but he was exhausted in both body and mind.

In the first place, if it was Heal who had unleashed those explosions, he did not have a chance of defeating him.

Balpas was greatly regretting that he accepted the mission.

“Ahh…I should have rejected it. I suppose my luck has run dry.”

He sighed as he climbed up a rope to the deck.

“But where is Oren, anyway? …Hmm?”

Oren was at the bow and muttering something to himself.

“Is he using magic to make the ship go forward…? No, that’s…”

They could see small scale magic in the air above the water.


Balpas and the rest of the crew looked at them in awe.

While the first explosion could have been a coincidence, it was starting to look like a warning against them.

However, Balpas realized that this wasn’t the case.

There must be some kind of celebration going on.

It was too much for an attempt to scare them away. But not enough to be a hostile attack.

It was likely that Heal still had no idea that they were coming.

Balpas then went over to the ship’s captain.

“These people are mad… Captain, are you sure that we can’t return?”

The captain shook his head.

“It wasn’t possible after the first explosion. And now in our current state, we might not even reach Sheorl…”

“Tsk… Oren! We have no choice! You must use magic to take us closer to the shore! …Oren?”

Balpas noticed that Oren’s body was shaking.

He thought it strange, and walked up to him.

“He-hey. Oren? What is it?”

“…That magic. It’s impossible… That’s not magic. It should not be magic.”

Oren had felt the immense energy coming towards them during the second explosion.

It had made him feel something he had never felt before—fear.

He had never been afraid when in front of his father.

There shouldn’t be anything in this world that could make him feel that.

Oren bit his lip hard and shouted.

“…How can there be magic that I do not know!!”

The ship was surrounded by strong winds then.

“O-Oren! The ship won’t last like this!”

Balpas put a hand on Oren’s shoulder to try and stop him, but Oren’s wind magic nearly knocked him off of his feet.

However, Balpas had been an assassin for many years. And he quickly moved away.

Oren’s face twisted and he shouted at Balpas.

“Don’t you dare give me orders!! You’re just scum whose filthy hands murder people in their sleep!!”


Balpas felt the blood rising to his head.

But if they fought here, they would only sink the ship.

“Tsk… You, take me to the next spot.”

Balpas held his anger in and continued his round of the ship in order to repair the holes.

Just then, something that wasn’t Oren’s magic began to push the ship towards Sheorl.

Without anyone knowing, something was splashing loudly behind the ship.

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  1. Is it a Leviathan or a Kraken? Well given the condition of the ship, whatever’s pushing it may just destroy the ship before it reaches Sheorl.

    Still would’ve preferred if Heal or somebody else had unintentionally and unknowingly blown up and sank the ship.

  2. I’m sure is the sea robot creatures…but that also gives Heal the knowledge that a ship is coming to his shores. I actually hope that when they arrive they start describing the island…I wouldn’t mind having an updated description of its contents.

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