Cave King – 129


I did not answer his question.

However, Balpas smirked.

“All this in just a few months. It must be a great power indeed… Hey, Heal. Why don’t we make a deal?”

“A deal?”

“Aye. If you let me return to Sanfaris, I’ll send you information about the country. Secrets of the palace. Everything. So, you just have to insure my survival and lifestyle. And when the time comes for you to invade Sanfaris, I can even carry out assassinations for you.”

After seeing the island, Balpas must have realized that there was no way that Sanfaris could defeat us. This was no surprise, after seeing dragons and Chimeras.

“Brother… I have no intention of invading Sanfaris.”

“Liar. Don’t you remember all the hatred and humiliation? You have Chimeras and dragons now… All this power. You can finally get your revenge.”

“It’s not that I don’t resent those who abandoned me. I even want to get even with them. However, I have much more important matters on my mind these days. I have to protect everyone here.”

“Heal… I see. Well, that does sound like you.”

Balpas chuckled to himself. He looked resigned as he opened his mouth again.

“So, what will you do with me then? Now that I’ve seen the inside of this island?”

“I won’t do anything. Well, aside from having someone watch you from now on.”

Upon hearing these words, Balpas let out a sigh of relief.

“I see. Thank you. Well, with someone who has a nose like that around, I won’t do anything.”

Haines puffed out his chest with pride when he heard this.

And so I turned to Haines.

“Haines, good work. Can I rely on you to monitor Balpas?”

“Of course. This one is not to be trusted. My brother and I will deal with him.”

Haines beat on his chest with a smile. ‘It’s been a while since we had something to do!’ he said excitedly to Ashton.

However, just then, the sound of something shattering was heard from the storage house.

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  1. Of course, trouble isn’t so simple, not with two extra princes in there.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

    • Royalty and Nobility never apologize to someone below their own standing. To do so means they are on that persons social level. If an apology becomes necessary, they attempt to bribe their way out of it and they make someone of a lower standing take the blame and apologize.

      Oren would never apologize because he is absolutely committed to the idea he is above the other two princes here. He also isn’t use to being in a position where he can’t flex his strength and get through the situation with brute force and other people covering for him.

      Honestly I want Heal to just kill him, but Heal won’t. That also makes Heal a poor choice for a ruler. Heal is just too soft to be a real leader.

      • No, I think strongly that Heal will kill this time. From a writing standpoint, it’s about time and a half! From a Heal-mind standpoint, he knows that this “brother” is irredeemable from childhood. Remember (IIRC) that pendant on Oren’s neck? I bet that’s something important to Heal, or worse yet, its remnants.

        The Princess is watching Oren. If something is shattering near her, Heal is gonna shatter someone. Or more than one.

        It’s somewhat likely that the young magicians or a subset of them will join up. I would say the same about the sailors, but at least one has kids back home… Maybe Heal’s ships will go pick families up. Dunno. Maybe the letter won’t be sent this time, and the ship will simply “disappear.”

        Lastly, the Cave King crest seems to deliver what Heal needs when he needs it. Well, right now he needs humans and here’s a bunch of them!

        This may be a stretch because usually what he needs is delivered from within the cave, but perhaps not all the time. Did the crest deliver the goblins? I don’t think we’ll find out, but It’s an interesting idea.

      • Oh Heal is more than willing to kill if he needs to, but death isn’t always the worst thing that could happen to someone.

  2. I love how all these edgy comments talking about mc killing one of the brothers. I guess you must’ve not been reading the pussy boy mc i have for 100 chps🤣. Mc definetly won’t kill anyone for a long time now, he’ll probably kill when it comes to the war with sanfaris, but he definetly ain’t killing any humans any time soon.

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