Cave King – 24


“It’s most embarrassing… Of course, you can do what you want with us! Our last boat is yours without question. As for us, you can sell us or take our fur!!”


Ash said as he bowed once again. The other kobolds also bowed with their heads on the ground.


Damn it…


I didn’t actually mind.

He seemed very attached to me now, and after hearing everything, I had no objections to being a parent.


However, there were likely to be goblins who would not want to live with the child of a king who had killed their families.


Especially Erevan. It sounded like his own children were killed by them. His hatred would be strong.


What should I do…


I couldn’t answer immediately.


However, someone walked beside me and spoke.


“…Lord Heal. We will obey, whatever your decision is.”


It was Rienna who said this.



“It is true that we Berdans have been fighting the Tibris tribe for centuries. However, that is in the past. We Berdans are now your servants, Lord Heal. The decision is yours to make.”


Rienna said as she fell to one knee.

Upon hearing this, Baris and the other goblins followed her lead.


Erevan seemed like he was holding something back, but he too kneeled.


“…We would not be alive without your help, Lord Heal. Besides, this island is yours. We will obey.”



So I had to decide…

Father…the king of Sanfaris, would have loved this situation. For him, his opinion was the only one that mattered.


However, I didn’t want to decide on my own.

I wanted to listen to everyone’s opinions… Well, maybe the truth was that I didn’t like to think hard about anything that was unrelated to mining…


Regardless, I could tell them the general direction I wanted this island to take.

Now that there were more residents here, it was necessary for it to have something like rules and a philosophy.


“Everyone. Please listen to me. …I have no intention of rejecting any who wishes to live here. And you are always just as free to leave. Furthermore, if there are any in need in this wide open sea, I would like to help them… Just like this island helped me after I was banished from my home…”


And then I continued.


“To me, all the conventions and bonds of the continent are in the past. On this island, everything that happened there is of no consequence.”


In the first place, Sanfaris was a kingdom that forbade monsters from entering.

I would not have been allowed to live with goblins like I was now.


But this wasn’t Sanfaris.

Well…maybe it was part of the king’s territory, strictly speaking… But no one from Sanfaris would ever come here…


I was far away from the bloody battles and rivalries between the princes and princesses.

Living on this island was very comfortable.


But I couldn’t just ask them to wash away the hatred either…


“…I would like to welcome not just the child, but all of the kobolds to this island. Even if it is just long enough to repair the ship, you will still have to stay here for a while, after all.”


Upon hearing this, the eyes of Ash and the other kobolds filled with tears.

And then they bowed again.


“…Lord Heal. I do not have the words to express… Just know that you have our gratitude!”


And so on that day, new residents joined us on the island.

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    • I believe you meant golem? (Autocorrect is a bitch sometimes 🙂

      Better yet, why not send the slimes to collect (they normally do that in the mines)… that’s if they can survive underwater.

  1. Ah dammit. It really looks like it’s headed in the typical Japanese MC direction of where the protagonist will forgive anybody despite what they’ve done.

    • Well, in this case, they just battled because they were neighboors and werent evil or whatever, just rival tribes.
      He doesnt go and allow an obvious psychopat in the island.

    • well to be fair the MC was never involved in their dispute, so it would be easier to “forgive” them, plus it’s not like the goblins were slaughtered one-sidedly, it’s a war afterall, it would be hypocritical for mc to kill the kobolds because they killed goblins before.

      • Also after all this time probaly no one even remembers why the war started in the first place. At this point it’s probalby more of a tradition or a ‘you killed x so I’ll kill you.
        The best thing for them to do at his point is to use this chance to try to get along and bury old grudges. Continued war will just cause both sides losses.

      • Well I’m not saying for Heal to turn into a brooding psychopath edge lord bent on killing. However the island is shaping up to slowly become a nation and Erevan is practically the high commander of the military right now. Allowing specifically the two kobolds that killed his sons to live on the island without any sort of punishment could potentially be dangerous since he might be dissatisfied and take it upon himself to exact revenge personally. Also while Heal is strong enough to force the goblins to accept the kobolds, forcing that thought process on others may not help in building up the island into a nation. So if Heal instead accepts the kobolds to live on the island but also giving them a punishment then it would potentially ease the hate the goblins might feel. I don’t know what sort of punishment would be appropriate though.

      • No, it would not be hypocritical. Second of all, a war doesn’t mean both sides were right. Third of all, he is the leader of the goblins. You might not understand how being a leader works, but the grievances of your people are your grievances.

        Not to mention, these people attacked his island without provocation. That is already an act of war.

  2. You all sure love psychopath m.c huh?
    I think Heal is good enough here. At least, he didn’t say he forgive everyone. Instead, he wants to make a new nation and be free from all the past rivalries. Its not forgivenes but more of a second (last) chance.

    I can see him being a bit overprotective though.
    If orc or enemy human comes… well, his magic is more than enough to deal with them. Also, the entire island is basically a cavern system, he reigns supreme there.

    Mappa is so quick footed to get those weapons. Like a cockroach. Love this (half naked) guy.

    Thank you for the translations !
    See you again next week !

    • Especially given that the MC has OP isekai level powers now. He can easily afford to be merciful. Also, resources are plentiful, locals are happy, and they all have a purpose (to dig).

      Like was there any hint whatsoever that this would turn into an revenge fueled edgelord MC?

  3. Lol, too much politics and deciding stuff for this mining maniac MC. Though, considering his past, it’s normal. Anything good came from mining, and there is still much room to grow. Oh yeah, he did find a special seed, world tree seed if I remember well.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. oh well… and here it is.. the turning point of the novel to me…

    while he doesnt really need to kill the kobolds, he can just send them away with suplies, maybe keep only the kobold young and the non combatant or something… but instead we get generic mc with friendship power…

    welp, gl to all who will continue reading this.

  5. looks like Tacos1 is right, this manga does headed to pathetic MC who always forgive and apologize for every gawdamn thing

    • Like other said it, the Mc isn’t a ”pathetic MC who always forgive and apologize for every gawdamn thing”, . In the first place, he don’t have any reason to be at odd with the kobold, since it was a war between the goblin and kobold, not with him.
      He stand as the master of this land, and the one involved, the goblins,have entrusted the decition to him with all knowledge of his nature.
      And yeah, the kobolds have killed friends and familly, but it was a war, the goblins killed too .for example, Are you at odd with germany for what they have done in WWII? it’s the same here

      • Not to mention, the punitive punishment that Europe handed out to Germany in WWI was what led to the rise of Hitler.

        At some point, you just got to have a clean break. A reset. Violence shouldn’t always be the answer even if it seems the easiest.

      • well if Heal goes full kim jong un and disregard his subjects feeling because they’re “tamed” which basically means “i have a contract to die if i disobey you with my name written on it”, then all is fine i guess.. but mc doesn’t need to do it either way cause his subjects act like religious zealots

      • First of all, you don’t know the stories of the war. So you can’t say that the goblins are equally at fault. Second of all, they killed the children of one of his generals. You don’t just accept that.

        Finally, the MC is in fact a “pathetic MC who always forgive and apologize for every gawdamn thing”. If you don’t understand why he has EVERY reason to be at odds with the kobolds, you have no right to ever have friends or be a leader.

        Also, what? Are you gonna forgive a Nazi?

      • Also, the appeasement policy and the removal of the punitive actions taken against Germany was what led to the end of World War II. Justice must be served. The failure of that led to WW2. Just look at Japan after WW2. Because they weren’t really punished, there were still a shit ton of people who thought that they were right.

  6. As long as they see Heal as their lord and as long as there is no hostility between the races then all is well~
    If they fight they will be punished, Heal needs to set that kinda rule. Maybe they need to build houses a bit far from each other until they can be comfortable living in the same island~

    And apparently the bottom of the sea is a hidden treasure site~

    Thanks for the chaptaa~☆

  7. So another set of “Monsters” joins his territory. Seeing as how they’re capable of rational thought, negotiation and reconciliation even without being tamed, classifying them as mere monsters seems a bit unfair. Unfortunately at this rate I get the feeling our MC will be labeled as a Demon Lord by his family in the future, once his kingdom starts to grow. If he plants the World Tree seed he got and it attracts both the right (elves <3) and wrong (greedy humans </3) attention, trouble will not be far behind.

    • You are right… I beside elf… Don’t forget dark elf…

      MC says that his father kingdom won’t come EVER… Too naive.

  8. bit of a short sighted there little mc… just hope this decision doesnt come back and bite you in the ass later. well you’re a sheltered boy for the majority of your childhood so i might give you a pass this time, just hope your character actually grows to someone close to a leader not just a savior/sugar daddy with too much money

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