Cave King – 26


“It’s called the Seed of the World Tree. I want you to help me grow it. I gave you the Sun Stones, remember?”


The Sun Stones helped plants grow.

Of course, there weren’t too many of them. So I intended on only using one.




It seemed like Rienna had frozen for a second.

However, she slapped her cheeks and returned to her usual self.


“The World Tree… I see. I have never heard of it.”

“According to Baris, it’s a very large tree. And it blesses living creatures or something like that… I don’t really understand it all.”

“Indeed. In other words, it will do no harm? In that case, I suppose we might as well plant it and see what happens. However, the fields are currently full…”


Rienna looked around the reclaimed ground.


“There is soil. Maybe we should choose a spot that will enhance the scenery?”

“I see…”


Where was that?

A town built around a tree…

That would look nice.


“Alright, how about in the center of the reclaimed ground…no, wait…”


He said that it was a very big tree. But how big were we talking about…

If it was too big, it would block the view of the sea from the cave.

Not that it wouldn’t be a nice view of itself, but I preferred to be able to see the sea, in case we had visitors.


“…I think I’ll make some more land on the other side of the island. Then we’ll see what happens.”



And so I entered the cave and made a path to the other side of the island.

And then just like before, I used Stone Blocks from my Inventory in order to reclaim the land.


Since there were kobolds here now, I made it just as big as the last one.


However, this time I made it 10 meters above sea level, so it would be able to withstand the huge waves.

Of course, this meant that it took twice as long, and I didn’t finish my work until sundown.

But unlike mining, this didn’t use much energy, and so I wasn’t too tired.


Though, I did use up a lot of rock materials.

And since they were very useful, I would have to replenish my supply soon.

Which meant I would have to focus on mining for a while.


“Alright, time to plant it. The center should be fine.”

“Yes! Let’s go.”


We walked to the center of the newly reclaimed ground.

And here, we filled it up with the dirt…the Cave Spider material.


“Now I can plant…huh?”


I sensed that someone was behind me.


When I turned around, I saw a half-naked…Mappa.

He was innocently staring at the spot where I was going to plant the seed.


He always seemed to appear out of nowhere when I was about to do something new.

Well, I didn’t mind… But I wish he would say something instead of being so quiet.


“Okay, let’s plant it…”


And so I buried the Seed of the World Tree into the ground.


Now, I just needed to put in a single Sun Stone.




“Huh? It’s sprouting already. Did you use a Sun Stone?”

“No… I didn’t use one. I gave them all to you. Did you use one?”

“No, I didn’t… I only brought this one stone out of storage.”


Rienna said as she showed me the stone.

It was still shining, which meant that it hadn’t been used.


In that case…


I turned around to look at Mappa.

However, he shrugged innocently and shook his hands.


“…Really? You seem to always take stones without saying anything…”


Well, Mappa was probably telling the truth.

He wasn’t carrying anything in his hands, and I doubted he could hide anything in that small waistcloth.


“Nevermind… Rienna, could you try using the Sun Stone?”

“Yes! Alright then…”


Rienna raised it high into the air and then used it.


And then, the World Tree started to grow. As I watched, it grew taller than Mappa, and then me…


…Huh? What was happening?


It wouldn’t stop growing.

It was already several times taller than me.

The trunk was growing thicker and thicker so that we had to move back.


“He-hey, Rienna. You really just used one, right?”

“Ye-yes… I only had the one.”


As our voices trembled, the tree kept on growing.


“This is bad!! Run back to the cave!!”


I grabbed Rienna’s hand and looked over my shoulder.

Mappa was already running, and so we ran as well.

But whenever I looked back, I saw that the tree was growing as if it meant to catch up with us…


As we ran desperately, Mappa slipped and fell.

Before I could react, the expanding trunk of the tree absorbed Mappa’s body.


Mapps stretched his hand out towards us, but I couldn’t do anything but run.




I shouted. Only Mappa’s head was sticking out of the tree as he was lifted high into the air. But for some reason, his face was filled with ecstasy.

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  1. Oh Mappa, you have the worst luck.

    What did they expect when they planted the WORLD Tree? Of course it’d be huge.

    Also I’m guessing at some point those orcs will try to attack the island. They may also attack the kingdom too since it sounds like a massive horde that could burn down an entire forest and two monster settlements.

    • Well we know what to expect of a world tree (though not nessesarly the speed of growth).
      They however just knew it’d be a large tree with magic abilities and an odd name. He expected it to grow big, but not that fast and certanly won’t expect the size a world tree is likely to grow to(he expected large tree not space elevator huge).
      Yeah there likely’ll be an orc attack. Possibly after they got his country and his sister turns up with refugees.

  2. “There’s something I want to grow with you.”

    Either you can use this as an unusual way to flirt, or another method to get an extra ‘sexual harassment’ tag in your record.

    Also, WHY, MAPPA? It’s not like he’s not a pervert by keeping half naked all the time, but bondage?

  3. If they find another world tree seed, they should weaponize it. Make a bomb, with that seed and a couple sun stones close (but not too close) and fire/launch/throw the whole thing at some enemy base/city, then watch the nature take over. Then again, this super fast growth might be due to the island, or due to the cave king crest.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  4. Muito obrigado pelo romance, sou brasileiro e leio traduzindo com o google tradutor, vocês estão de parabéns pela tradução.

  5. Those poor spiders are relly getting worked to the bone, wasnt ther 14-15 spiders in total? And they have to create “material” for the dirt in all of the island? Talk about being overworked. xD

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

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