Cave King – 29


And so I took out the desired items from my Inventory.

As he wanted Stone Blocks, I made them with the workshop feature.

However, Mappa continued to slap different types of Iron Ore as if to say he didn’t have enough.


And so I continued to give him Iron and Sand.


It seemed like he was going to use a lot of it…

Before I knew it, there was a mountain of Iron Ore beside us that was the size of a small shed.


I looked up in amazement at just how much we had mined. Then Mappa finally raised his hand for me to stop.


He then started to separate the ore by type.

And then just like he always did, he processed them into metal.


I never ceased to be amazed by his skill… When that hammer was in his grip, he looked like a legendary craftsman.

Well, maybe he was, in a way…


Fule and I could only gasp repeatedly as we watched him work.


And when the metal was ready, Mappa used several of his other tools to work on it even further.

He was making parts that I had never seen before.


Many of the pieces looked like round pillars that were about as tall as a person.

When I looked inside, they were hollow.


Mappa made a large number of these before wiping the sweat off his forehead with a sigh.

Then he picked one up as if it weighed nothing, and headed towards the cave.


I kind of felt bad that he was doing everything by himself…


And so I tried to pick up one of the pillars in order to help him…but it was too heavy to even lift.


“Oh! I’ll help too!”


Said Fule and the surrounding monsters. But even with their help, we could barely get it off the ground.


And so it was determined to be impossible, and we let it down.


“It’s too heavy for us… I know. Surely the Golems would be able to help?”


And so I ordered Shiel to go and call all of the Golems.


I then ordered them to carry the iron pillars, which they picked up without any problems.


“I guess we should just leave this kind of work to them from now on…”

“It makes me sad, but it’s beyond what we can do…”


Fule agreed.


It was the same between humans as well, but everyone had their strengths and weaknesses.

And so it was important for everyone to do what they were good at.


“Well, there doesn’t seem to be anything we can help with now… I suppose we should focus on gathering materials then.”

“Yes. I’m sure Mister Mappa will come to us if anything happens.”


And so Fule and I decided to leave the matter to Mappa and return to digging.


But I first ordered the Mithril Golem to help Mappa, and to tell the other Golems to do the same.


While I had never taught them anything, the Golems were able to understand my commands.

And so I thought that they could probably understand Mappa’s will as well.


I had no idea if they really did understand, but either way, they started to carry the metal pillars down into the caves.


“Alright, we should go too… Huh?”


I looked around.

It seemed like the ground was shaking from the direction of the sea.


But when I looked towards the reclaimed ground, I saw that Rienna was watering the plants as if nothing had happened.


“Fule, did you feel that shake?”

“Huh? Shake? Maybe it was from the Golems walking?”

“I see… But I thought it was from the sea…”


While it was quite strange, I returned to the caves with Fule.

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  1. Wonder what’s causing the shaking? A tsunami? Some giant water monster? The orc horde having another naval battle?

  2. Pillars hollow on the inside, it seems Mappa is making a pipeline to get the water out of the mine, but how will it be powered, idk. And the shaking that seemingly only MC felt, should be something like an omen, or due to his crest, something like a danger sensing skill.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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