Cave King – 30

Chapter 30 – We played in the water!!




I couldn’t help but raise my voice.


After mining all day, I had walked through the branching passages and gone up the stairs that led to the cave’s entrance.

What surprised me here, was that I could see the iron pipes along the walls.


These were the iron pillars that Mappa had been making.

There was something like a metal ring between each one that was keeping them fixed together.


Fule noticed them too, and said,


“I don’t know what this is, but it looks amazing… I’ve never seen anything like it.”


I had never seen anything like it either.

But since they had been hollow, I supposed the water was going to travel through them…


“Me too… But how will they carry the water?”


In any case, we would probably find out if we returned to the surface.

And so we continued to climb the stairs.


When we came outside, it was already nighttime.

However, the area around us was bright as it was lit by torches made with Shining Stones.


We didn’t have to search for the others, because they were all noisily gathered together close to the cave.


And so walked over to them and pushed our way to the center.

That’s when I saw Rienna and Baris.


And just as I thought, they were all looking at something that Mappa had made.


The end of the pipes that led out of the caves…it was a ‘T-shaped’ object that stood on the ground.

There was also something that looked like a wheel and levers nearby. That was where Mappa was standing.


Mappa then bowed grandly before everyone and then started to turn the wheel.

Then he put his hand on the lever. However, perhaps he enjoyed creating suspense a little too much because he would pull it half-way and then go back. 


For a while, he enjoyed seeing everyone’s reaction, until people started to shout, ‘hurry up!’ And so Mappa sighed as if he had no choice.

Then he pulled the lever all of the ways.


And with that, a gush of hot water came shooting out of the end of the ‘T-shaped’ object.


Everyone gasped.


He really did it…


But I didn’t understand how it worked.

However, the hot water from the caves was being carried to the surface.


I doubted that even the most skilled engineers in the continent had the ability to do something like this.

I suppose this showed how advanced dwarven civilization was.


As everyone cheered and applauded, Mappa gratefully bowed in all four directions.

But then he suddenly grabbed the end of the faucet and pointed it upwards.

And with an evil grin, he began to turn the wheel again.


A torrent of water shot up into the sky.

However, it quickly lost momentum and spread outwards in a circle.

And like that, the hot water rained down on all of us.


Everyone began shouting excitedly at this artificial rain Mappa had created.

“What the hell are you doing!?”


Erevan shouted angrily. But Mappa directed a different, smaller pipe towards him and unleashed a stream of water.

Anyone else who tried to interfere was also equally drenched.


The goblin and kobold children scooped up the water with their hands and threw it at each other.


My hair and clothes were already drenched.


Perhaps the kobold baby had never seen such a thing before, because he was looking up at the rain of hot water.


Mappa was probably trying to help everyone have a good time.

While I was also able to make water with magic, we generally believed that water and food should not be wasted.


And yet, there was now some hot rain…

It was quite a luxury.


However, Fule then noticed something.


“Hey, Lord Heal… This water…doesn’t it look like it’s shining?”

“Huh? Really?”


I tried cupping my hands together to store some of the water.

And then, I did notice that there was something sparkling inside.


Was it flakes of metal?

Thinking this, I moved away from the rain in order to find out what it was.


Slowly, I let the water pour out without losing the thing that shined…


But when all of the water was gone, the thing started to float up into the air.


I frantically reached up to grab it, but the small light blinked once and then disappeared.


“Wh-what was that…”


The only thing I did know was that I felt warmth.

My entire body felt a similar warmth after being drenched by the hot water.


Obviously, some of it was because of the temperature of the water, but even when I moved away and the wind would hit me, I didn’t feel cold at all.

Furthermore, my body seemed lighter than before… There was something about it that was similar to how I felt near the World Tree.

When I looked at my hands, I saw that the small scratches I had got today were already healed.


Considering how Mappa drank a lot of it, maybe this water had healing properties?


“If we made a hot spring with this…it would be so nice… Huh!?”


As I was thinking this, I felt a strong splash of water hit me in the back of my head.


When I turned around, I saw that Mappa was pointing a pipe at me.


This guy…he really just…


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. [pulled the lever all of the ways] -> {pulled the lever all the way}
    [advanced dwarven civilization was] -> {advanced the dwarven civilization was}

    It’s a water fight. Yeah, Mappa is quite the fun guy.

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