Cave King – 30


I looked over to the children and saw that they were now using buckets to pour water onto each other.

The adults were not spared during this merciless play either.


To the children, there was no difference between goblin and kobold.

When kobold children would throw hot water onto the goblin adults, they would just laugh and throw the water back.

Even Erevan was laughing now and pouring water on them.


The slimes and Cave Spiders soon joined in.


After watching them, I wanted to join too.


But first, I directed my palm towards Mappa.

You may have that pipe, but I have magic.

And so I visited upon Mappa, a water magic attack.


Of course, I held back a little.

But Mappa would not back down. However, he was simultaneously being attacked by the children, and so he launched a counter-attack on them as well.


And so I sprayed water on everyone, not just Mappa…

The slimes were also able to store a lot of water inside of their bodies and then spray it over everyone.


We all became obsessed with playing like this for some time.


However, no matter how long we played, we did not seem to get tired.

This was probably because of the hot water. Regardless, I ended up having to declare to the others that it was time for bed.


And so Mappa turned the wheel again and the water stopped.

The children looked like they still wanted to play, but it really was getting late.


And so I consoled them by saying that they could play again tomorrow.


That being said…

While I had said it was time for bed, everyone was soaked.

Some people took their clothes off and tried to wring them dry.


I was wet too.


And then Rienna said to me,


“Lord Heal! I will bring you the new clothes!”


I turned around in order to answer her.

But…I noticed that her clothes were also wet and parts were vaguely seethrough…

Her hair was also dripping wet in an alluring way…


My face turned bright red as I froze up.


“Lo-lord Heal? Are you ill?”

“…Huh!? No, no… Uh, sorry. I’m fine.”


I turned away from her and shouted at the others.


“Everyone! Direct your clothes to me!!”


They looked puzzled at this but did as I said.


And so I unleashed the ‘Wind’ spell at them.

But I adjusted it so it wasn’t so strong that it would blow them all away.


They seemed to understand what I was doing and were able to dry their clothes.

Rienna also took off her clothes in order to dry them.

And while she did not seem self-conscious, I decided to close my eyes anyway.


When everyone was finished, Rienna unleashed Wind towards me so that I could dry as well.

While I dried off, I could hear the voices of the others as they walked back to the caves.

They were talking about how much fun they had, and the goblin and kobold children seemed to be getting along.


It looked as if the ice had been broken a little.


I wasn’t sure what Mappa’s intentions had been.

However, he looked a little disappointed now that everyone’s clothes were dry.

Had he just wanted to get everyone naked?


Well, that aside, I felt as if I had learned something in terms of making everyone get along.


It was with such thoughts in my head that I returned to the cave.




As the royal marine bell rang loudly, an orc shouted from the crow’s nest.


“Boss!!! This time it’s from the right… No, three ships have been eaten!!”


However, the orc’s voice did not reach the deck.

Because the deck was buzzing with the sounds of orcs who ran around throwing weapons and all manner of supplies into the sea. And the sounds of them moving drowned out his voice.


In the far off distance, there were echoes of screaming orcs and the breaking of wood.


There was a tall orc who stood on the quarterdeck. He was shouting in a low voice.


“Hurry!! Throw it all into the sea!! The gold and silver! All of it!!”


There was fear in his voice that did not match his imposing stature.

And his face was deathly pale.


“We can’t beat such a monster as that… I’ve been on these seas for thirty years… The royal navy never scared me. And yet…”


The orc’s legs were shaking.

However, he looked at the worried faces of his crew and somehow steadied his feet.


“All of you. Listen well!! We are going to escape this no matter what!!!”


The orcs shouted ‘aye!’ as powerfully as they could muster.

But the sweat could still be seen dripping from their foreheads.


This was all happening close to Sheorl Island.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I found out today that there’s a manga for this series. Some of them I didn’t think would look quite like that. I guess the spiders can’t look too scary for a relatively lighthearted story like this.

    • it’s the opposite for me, i saw the manga and looked for a novel as they are often based upon one, and ended up here

  2. So I guess a monster is chasing the orcs. They’re probably the pirates that attack the kobolds and are affiliated with the giant orc horde that was previously mentioned. If so I hope they get eaten. The gold and silver they’re dumping is also probably stolen loot they got from pirating.

  3. Ok, I might have misunderstood. I though the wheel part was used to pull the water up, and the lever was for releasing (like a valve or water tap), but maybe it’s far more modern-ish, and the wheel is part of the faucet, while the level controls something that pulls the water. But, what kind of device/engine is it… Oh well, now the orcs are coming, and they bring the party. This “party” might be attracted by the world tree.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

    • An old pump well design. The lever pumping increases the water pressure, and the wheel opens the valve to the faucet.

      Quite an ingenious design.

  4. It seems that there are quite a lot of troubles near this island, no wonder why no one wanted to get near it before. ^^”

    Thank you for the chapter and the treat. (^_^)/

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