Cave King – 40


However, I thought I heard someone telling me not to, and so I pulled away.

I had a feeling that pressing just one thing could lead to a horrible chain reaction.


“…I won’t do that now.”


I shook my head and moved away. I would look at the rest of the room first.


“Still, I wonder what this liquid is?”


I said as I looked at the reddish-purple liquid on the other side of the glass.

There was something about the color that made me think of poison, but it also looked like wine.


Besides, I thought I could smell a hint of grape in the air.


That being said, that smell wasn’t coming from the glass, but the very neatly stacked barrels on the shelves.

These golden barrels had bungholes just like the wine barrels I was familiar with.


Surely it would be obvious if I just licked a little…hmm?


I saw that there were some very out of place rocks between the barrels.

They vaguely created the shape of a person, and I saw that there was a Heart Stone.

In other words, this had been a doll.


But there was nothing else of note outside of the rocks and the Heart Stone.

After a little more searching, I found the remains of another doll close by.


“This place must have been abandoned for a very long time.”


As for me…being able to make more dolls…I mean, golems, was great.

It strengthened our defenses and they were useful for transportation.


And so I gathered them up…


As I was gathering the Heart Stones, Ril started touching my ear as she clung to my shoulder.


“What is it? Ril? Huh…that…”


What Ril was looking at, was a square glass jar that was placed far back on the right side of the shelf.

And I could hardly believe what was inside of it.


The glass contained beautiful, deep purple grapes.

It was inside of a liquid that was clear like water. And there were grapes of other colors too, including yellow and red.

And in front of that glass jar, there was a smaller jar that appeared to contain seeds.


It was at that point that I decided that this place must be a winery.


“Ah. What an unusual place this is.”


I turned around to see Baris standing there.

And an angel with white wings was also there…it was Kamyu, a former orc.


“Oh, my. I do love gorgeous rooms like this!”

“Baris, Kamyu. You came.”


Baris nodded.


“Yes. But what a strange ruin… No, can we even call this a ruin?”

“It’s much too pretty to be a ruin… But it seems to be devoid of any life as well.”


Baris and Kamyu said as they looked around.


Indeed, it was hard to believe that there was no life down here. Everything looked clean and organized.


After a while, I saw goblins and orcs appear behind Baris and Kamyu as well.

Apparently, they were all coming down here.


Just then, Kamyu seemed to notice something as she looked up in surprise.


“…This smell. Could it be wine?!”

“Oh, you think so too?”

“Of course! I do love wine! And this smell suggests it is of very high quality!”

“I see. I don’t know much about wine… But I thought there might be wine inside of these barrels…”

“There must be! …Wine! Ahh, it has such a wonderful ring to it! We must taste it at once!”


Kamyu rolled her tongue as she repeated the words. Then she picked up a golden goblet that was sitting on the table.


“Wait, wait. Well, there doesn’t seem to be any magic cast on it… But I should still check for poison.”


I said as I took the goblet away from her.


“Oh… How kind of you, Lord Heal!”


It was a lot easier to accept compliments from her these days.

After all, she now had the kind of face that would have noblemen all over the country on their knees and asking for her hand in marriage.

It made me feel a little embarrassed.


Kamyu teased me when she saw this.


But then I realized something else.


…This really wasn’t something that I should be doing.

Well, it’s not like I really didn’t want to. But it was still unsettling.

But ‘that guy’ who was always wandering around was not here this time.


I mean, where was he?

We had discovered such an interesting place. Shouldn’t he be here by now?


Well, maybe he was so busy with teaching people at the smithy these days…


And so I held the goblet and was about to open the bunghole.


But before I could…




Rienna’s scream echoed near the entrance.




I headed towards the entrance with Baris and the others.


And then, I saw that Rienna was looking very pale as she stared at the glass in the wall.

It wasn’t just Rienna.

Everyone present. The goblins, kobolds, even the Cave Spiders… Everyone had the same expression as they looked towards the glass.


And so I too, looked at the purple liquid behind the glass.






There he was, mouth agape and with his eyes rolled into his head. He floated limply in the liquid.


“…Ma-ma-mama-ma! MAAAAAPAAAAAAAAA!!!”


My scream echoed in the golden room.

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    • It’s Mappa, a silent perv with plenty brain power and imagination (or at least experience). He must have found a way into the pool of (most likely) wine, while the others were busy looking around.

  1. I- Wha- How? How does Mappa always get into these situations?

    Also what really is up with this place? The amount of things Heal has found make me question this area. The multiple Ascending Stones, the stones that increase your magic power or lifespan, the stones that resurrect people, a stone that can become any other stone, special light stone that make things grow larger and multiple rooms guarded by mythril golems. There’s also the World Tree seed and now some sorta winery where all the wine, grapes and seeds have been preserved for who knows how long. Meanwhile where the entire room is made of gold and there’s some weird glass capsules that you can fit people in and an alchemy table like it’s some sorta lab

    • It might be legendary land of the dwarfs, said to be long extinct in the world. Because the original cave king pass away.

      • That seems way too plausible.
        Dwarves are also said to live underground in most fantasies, and with everything that has been found so far, as well as Mappa, it wont surprise me.

  2. Is it just me, or expecting a castle underground more than a winery seems more plausible? And about Mappa, that’s so like him… Take your eyes off of him and he’s going to find a way… a way to surprise and scare you 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  3. At first, I thought ‘how the fuck you dig a winery in the middle of nowhere?’ would be the weirdest part of this chapter.

    Never a dull moment with you, Mappa.

  4. Maybe the place they’re now is actually that southern continent the goblins and kobolds were looking for. It must once had been a legendary place with fairly advanced culture, but similar to how Atlantida ended up in the bottom of sea, this continental land and civilization came to an end due to some natural disaster or cataclysmatic like event and sinking below the sea level.

    This sequence of events probably resulted at this now Atlantida like continent been covered by masses of earth and magma (which explains the rock like geography of Sheol island and its mineral resources abundance) and be buried and forgotten under the ocean for thousands years.

    Thanks to the high technical performance of buildings and preservation technologies many tools, despite been abandoned for ages, still works or can be restoured/recycled into something else.

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