Cave King – 53


“Ah, I caught another one!”

“Hey, do you know what this huge fish is called?”


On both sides, I could hear shouts of people who had caught fish.

Not only were they catching a lot, but they were huge and rare fish that I had never seen before.


Ril and Mel walked beside me and looked at this with awe in their eyes.

They seemed to recognize fish as being delicious food now.


After a while, we reached the very end.

Here, Baris was quietly pointing his rod out towards the sea, and Taran was adeptly holding six rods at once.


“Baris. Seems like a good day to fish.”


I said. But Baris, who now looked like a devil, did not turn around.

Perhaps he was very concentrated.


However, when Ril and Mel started hitting him on the back, he suddenly shook and then turned around in surprise.


“Ah, Lord Heal. I’m terribly sorry that you had to see me like this.”

“No, no. I’m the one who feels bad for disturbing you. Still, I see that things are going well.”

“Yes. We couldn’t go out by boat today and had to fish here. And well, all the fishermen are quite shocked by the results.”

“That much? Well, we won’t have to worry about days like this anymore. I was thinking about trying it myself. Do you mind?”

“Of course, not. Please use the fishing rod and bait over there.”

“Thank you. I will try it then.”


If I just wanted to catch fish, I could use magic. In fact, it would be quicker and I could catch more.

It was the same with Fule and Baris.

However, there was a difference in catching fish and just gathering them. Fishing was seen as a kind of pleasurable form of recreation back in my country.


Still, it was apparently quite easy to catch fish here. And so I wanted to do it under the same circumstances as everyone else.


I attached the bait to the hook and cast it into the sea.


And then Taran looked at me with its red eyes as if saying something.


“What, Taran? …Don’t tell me…”


Taran nodded.


“I see… So now you want to compete with fishing. Very well. It’s a battle over who can catch the most and the biggest fish!”


I said as I cast the line into the sea.


“Alright, give me a big one! …What, already!?”


I immediately tried to pull my fishing rod back.

However, it would not budge.


Perhaps being able to dig so much in the caves had messed with my perceptions.

I was really just a human. And my arm strength wasn’t anything impressive.

Of course, I was still stronger than most, but… Hmm!?


My body was suddenly pulled forward.

And just when I thought I was going to be yanked into the sea, Taran put a hand on my rod.


“Ta-Taran… Thank you.”


‘Don’t mention it,’ Taran seemed to say as it shook its body to the side.


“…Still, something took the bait.”


The fishing rod was so strained that it felt like it was going to break.

This was all very unusual. Baris stared at the surface of the water and said,


“It must be something very big. Perhaps it is tuna or a shark?”

“It might be… Taran, could you pull it up?”


Taran nodded.


“Alright, let’s do it together…ready, go!”


I pulled with all of my strength.

Taran lent me two of its arms.


And what we pulled out of the water…


“A rock!?”


It had a rough surface…but there was something too black and ominous about it.

Baris looked at it and said,


“Ah, Lord Heal! That is no rock…it is a Satan Shellfish!”


But the thing that had appeared before us looked nothing like a shellfish.

And then in the next moment, it discharged its purple liquid.

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  1. I guess Mappa made those rods, or the broken ones are just not mentioned. More likely Mappa’s work though, since they don’t have trees there to pick branches from (the world tree is a bit special).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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