Cave King – 72


The Mappa Golem had not looked the most reliable when I first made it, but it was quite intimidating once the flames shot out.

But in spite of these fiery attacks, the sky showed no signs of turning blue again. The hole was quickly filled up, and the black sky continued its advance towards us.

Still, it took damage… But what was it?

Haines turned away from the Mappa Golem and looked at me as he continued.

“Those are locusts! Devil Hoppers!”

“Devil Hoppers!?”

Devil Hoppers could be found in my country as well, if you went deep enough into the forests.

They were about as big as a human head, and they were carnivores.

They were known to descend upon crops, livestock, and people. They ate everything without prejudice, not unlike bears.

However, one thing that set them apart from bears, was that they spat out a substance that melted living creatures and plants.

They did not like hard things. And so they softened their targets before eating them.

But this was strange.

“Are you sure they are Devil Hoppers?”

“My nose has never been wrong… After all, I have the ‘Hunter’ crest. And those things reek.”

“I see…”

I nodded at Haines, even though I wasn’t really satisfied.

Unlike Killer Birds, they did not attack in large groups.

And this was the sea…

There were things about this that made no sense. However, it was not the time to dwell on them.

“Fule, Number 15! Protect the entrance here! Don’t let a single one get inside!”


Fule brought up Shield and Number 15 raised its Mithril shield in front of the entrance.

Most of the monsters had already evacuated.

As it was midday, there had not been many by the shore to begin with.

On the other hand, many Golems and armed monsters had gathered by the tower. They had even prepared the giant crossbow…the ballista that Mappa had made.

“Erevan is in that tower!”

Haines said as he pointed to the tower that was the closest to the shore.

“Taran. Take me and Haines to the tower!”

And so Taran carried me and Haines to the watchtower. Then she shot out her webs to the top and climbed up all at once.

Here, Erevan, Baris, Rienna, and Ashton were waiting.

“Everyone. What’s the situation?”

“Lord Heal! The cave spiders are currently helping those who had gone out by boat so they can return. The only ones who haven’t escaped…are the Mappa Golem and the water Golems.”

Rienna reported. And then Baris opened his mouth in order to add,

“If those really are Devil Hoppers, the Golems should be safe. Their liquid is not able to melt stone or metal.”

“I see… In that case, we should also evacuate, but…”

I looked up at the sky and saw that a flock of Killer Birds were flying away from the Devil Hoppers as if to escape.

However, they were swallowed up in a flash.

“Yes, we cannot do that…”

“Aye. If we allow them to land…”

They would eat up the World Tree and our crops. This island would be stripped bare until there wasn’t a single blade of grass left.

“The crops and the World Tree are precious treasures of this island. And so we must stop them with our own hands.”

Everyone agreed with me by nodding silently. And then the Mappa Golem unleashed another storm of flames with a thundering roar.

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    • As there had not been a forest before Heal’s arrival, the existence of Devil Hoppers near the island is strange, especially considering their behaviour.

      I’ll bet that it’s a planned attack by that foreign ship that came to observe Heal’s island a few days ago.

  1. This fantasy world doesn’t lack in the “apocalyptic monster swarms” department. Killer birds, crazy crabs, those evil clams (or was it something else?), and now devil hoppers. What’s next, maniac murdering mosquitoes? Hideous hungry hornets? Pretty poisonous piranhas? Wondering warrior wasps? Creepy crappy cockroaches? I think the best way for the island to become respected is to start an extermination service.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. As if swarms of locusts wasn’t scary enough, we’ve got omnivorous, acid-spewing locusts THAT EXPLODE when they die! JJEEPPERS!! There must have been some nasty stuff in the meteors that came down and destroyed the globe spanning human civilization of old!

    • No…I think those were just regular meteors…

      The temperature should’ve been way too high for most life to survive on such a thing, and even if they did, at the very most they would be alien thermophilic microbes.

      In other words, the Devil Hoppers are native creatures of that planet.

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