Cave King – 77


You could pretty much eat as much as you wanted. And use whatever you want.

However, Baris suddenly looked like he had an idea.

“Yes. However, that earth dragon merchant who visited us recently… It might be useful for when trading items with people like that. People who visit the island from the outside.”

“I see. A store for outsiders.”

“Yes. A trading post with all of our produce. Of course, this would be meaningless if merchants didn’t visit us. Perhaps we could call it a shop and create workshops.”

“Yes, I’ll leave it to you. But merchants, huh… I would like more of them to come. If they’re friendly, that is.”

However, trading with merchants from any country would mean exposing the existence of this place.

Eventually, Sanfaris merchants would hear of it and… Then it would reach the ears of my father the king.

My father had all but exiled me here.

He would not stand by if he heard that I was thriving and living with all these monsters.

However, there were still a lot of things that this island lacked. Things you could only get from the outside.

That’s why I had sent Kamyu out by ship, so she could trade with the orcs on the continent.

Orcs were enemies of the human kingdoms, and as Kamyu would hide any information about this island, we could trade without worrying.

The best things would be for merchants like Roydon the earth dragon to come. As he was completely unrelated to Sanfaris…

But bumping into merchants underground was not exactly an everyday occurrence… It was very rare.

As for the sea, trading ships and pirate ships did not normally pass through these parts… Huh?

Suddenly, I heard a bell ringing from the top of the World Tree.

When I looked up, I saw that a goblin was waving a flag towards the wharf.

Baris told me that he would go and find out what it was.

“This sound… It’s the signal that a ship has arrived. But it’s not Kamyu’s ship. And it seems like it isn’t the Barleon Principality ship that came recently either.”

“So it’s a completely new ship then…”

Baris looked at the flag and continued.

“Yes. And there are…three of them. It’s a fleet.”

“Three ships…”

Trading ships? Or was it the navy or pirates…

And so we rushed to the watchtower.

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  1. No currency except for outsider and all resources is shared…….that sound like commu…..ah nah…..let’s not turn this into a political …. 🙂

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