Cave King – 91


Pigs were considered sacred animals to orcs.

Perhaps it was due to the facial resemblance, but they almost never ate pigs.

“Well, we have plenty of meat… Oh. You even brought cats and dogs with you.”

“Yes. Cats will hunt rats aboard ships and in the cellars. And dogs…well, I suppose there won’t be much hunting to do, but it will make the place more lively. Now come this way.”

Kamyu led me to the next bit of cargo.

There was a wooden box and a great pile of books.

Enough to fill an entire carriage.

But Kamyu sounded very disappointed as she made her report.

“As it happens, when I asked to buy their stock of books, they sold them at such a low price that they might as well have been free. But from what I saw, there were not many regarding special skills…and the ones about magic were very basic.”

“I see…”

I had said it before, but orcs did not see much value in books.

Part of this was that most of them couldn’t read.

“That being said, there are hundreds of books here. That’s more than enough for now. I think that Baris will finally be able to open his school.”

I said to Kamyu.

“I see. As long as you are satisfied. While there aren’t many books, I brought monsters with skills instead… Though, to be honest, I have my doubts about just how advanced they are…”

Kamyu turned her head to a group of monsters, mainly orcs, who had come out of the ship.

There were goblins and kobolds among the newcomers as well.

“They all came here in hopes of making a new life for themselves. I think there are about two hundred in all. After paying their ransom money and releasing them, I told them about this place. And they agreed to come.”

“Two hundred. Well, things will certainly become more lively here.”

“Yes. I did tell them about our rules too. Also, that they will have to be tamed by you.”

“I see. Well, I’ll have to go and greet them later.”

“It will be hard when there are so many…but do your best. And lastly, there are clothes, toys and other random tools I bought. In spite of acquiring all of this, I didn’t even use half of the money.”

Kamyu said as she returned the bag.

It seemed to have plenty of silver and gold inside.

“Thank you, Kamyu. Now life will be so much richer on the island.”

“You’re very welcome… Also, about the reward…”

Now that I thought about it, I had said something about that before they left…

I couldn’t help but go tense.

Just then, Rienna approached us.

“Miss Kamyu! Welcome back!”

“Oh, Rienna! Thank you! …Ah, yes! I got so many cooking books and sewing books! Also…”

Kamyu pulled out a book from her breast pocket and looked at it with Rienna.

“Mi-Miss Kamyu…what is…!?”

“It’s a fashion book that is most popular with young noblewomen in the capital. This one was only published a month ago and is filled with the latest information… For instance these undergarments you can see here will be accepted very well by men in the capital.”

“Bu-but that is so indecent! Why, it is hardly covering anything…”

“Well, it’s true that the ways of humans are a mystery to me… Regardless, you must make it at once!”

“Oh, very well! If it will make Lord Heal happy!”

They seemed to be enjoying themselves…

I couldn’t see the contents of the book, but I could see the cover.

It was called ‘The Garden of the Royal Capital.’ A book that was published monthly and targeted noblewomen.

If I wasn’t wrong, it had been banned a number of times by previous kings, due to being an enemy of public morals… And yet it remained wildly popular among noblewomen. Even the king could not put a stop to it.


Suddenly, something on the cover caught my eye.

‘The Barleon Duke, arrested!’

The Barleon Principality…owned the ship that had seen us recently.

Someone near the top had been arrested by Sanfaris…was this going to lead to war?

I felt a strong sense of unease.

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Decided to post an extra chapter because it’s my birthday today! Hope you all have a good day! And here is the cover of Vol.2 of the light novel.

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