Cave King – 96


As the Golems came flying, Aries curled up and covered her head with her arms.

However, I had cast Shield in order to protect all of us.

“Do-does it hurt? Ahh, my Golems…”

There had been fifty in the beginning, but before we knew it, there were only a few left.

It was only a matter of time before we would be attacked.

I asked Aries,

“Aries. Leave the defenses to us. Does that thing have a weakness?”

“Ah, it also uses defense magic! And even if you could hit it directly, it has the power to regenerate… I think that…”

Aries hesitated for a moment and then sighed with resolution.

“My lord, please leave it to me! I want you to throw me at its head while having Shield cast around me!! I will seal its movements! In the meantime, attack it!”

“Th-that sounds dangerous?”

Fule was sure that Aries would be eaten.

However, Aries was confident.

“No! I will not die! With my carefully laid out plan, I will surely defeat it! Please accept my strategy!”

I wasn’t sure.

With Shield protecting her, she at least wouldn’t die.

It would be one thing if she was thrown into the air, but what if she was swallowed whole… I doubt she would like that.

But more than anything, it seemed like it would be quicker to just hit it with my own magic.

However, Aries’s face was filled with confidence as she looked at me.

I will succeed no matter what. That’s what it said.

“Fi-fine. …You’re really sure?”

“Yes! I have no doubt that my plan will bring it to its knees!”

“I-I see… But…”

It’s not like I had the best throwing arm.

I wasn’t sure if it would reach..

Then, as if realizing something, Mappa grabbed one of Aries’s arms.

And then he began to swing her around his head like she was a hammer.

“Wa-wait! Throw me normally! If you do this, I’ll…ahh…aghhuugh!”

Just as the black liquid burst from Aries’s mouth, Mappa let go of her arm.

She flew through the air with a streak of ink tailing her. And then splattered perfectly on the Chimera’s forehead.


While still shaky, Aries had an expression that read like an assurance of victory.

Mappa was puffing out his chest as if proud of his throw.

However, what would happen now? Was she going to blind it with her ink…?

As I wondered about this…


I heard Fule exclaim from next to me.

The snake’s head had stretched out from behind her, and then swallowed her in one bite.


“I told her this would happen…”

Fule muttered.

Well, she was still being protected by Shield, so she wouldn’t die.

But if we didn’t hurry…

This complicated things.

If I wasn’t careful, I might accidentally hit her as well.

However, it was difficult to aim.

For some reason, the Chimera was jumping around and thrashing wildly.

Perhaps Aries was unleashing her ink inside of its body.

In any case, I would have to get closer in order to target it.

“Aries. I’m coming to help you! Taran, let’s go!”

Taran lowered its body.

But as we were about to go, the Chimera became shockingly quiet.

“…It suddenly stopped? What does this mean?”

Then the Chimera slowly began to walk towards us.

There was no hostility now. Its mouth was shut and it had the blank expression of a doll.

When it reached me, it sat down like a dog.

“Wh-what…? Huh?”

In reply, the Advisor’s voice rang.

<<There is a tamable monster. Will you tame it?>>

Apparently, I was now able to tame the Chimera.

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  1. Dem aliens, dem alien octopuses. Don’t swallow them, its bad news… or good news if your enemies eat them whole.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

  2. For some reason, the combination of Octopus, the assimilation, and the possession/doll-control… brings me back to a character in HunterXHunter.

    Well surprise!! It’s also an octopus too!

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