Flower Field Demon King – 14


“You, Mister Gunnard? I recognize you as a capable businessman. What of it? Also…I would like you to know that I’ve done some research on it already. With your abilities, it should be possible, even if it is a little absurd.”

“Damn it. This is why I hate overly capable people! Look here, this will be the very last time I do this.”

Kuders had probably said all of that knowing that the guild was not only the oldest, but had connections to people who had political influence.

It was scary how perceptive he could be.


What idiot would make such a man an Adventurer!

He should be returned to that disgusting world of politics where he belongs!

…Hopefully, before my stomach bursts from all of the stress I feel!!


Kuders was very much oblivious to Gunnard’s heartfelt cry, and so he beamed like the sun.


“Indeed. I wouldn’t want you to push yourself too hard.”

“Then you should cooperate a little. Do you have a plan?”

Surely, he did.

He wouldn’t come here with such a proposal without thinking it through.


In that case, he should just use Kuders as much as possible.

He looked at Kuders with such expectations and was met with a smile.


“Wonderful. Oh, I am so happy to have been blessed with a boss like you.”

“And yet here I am, my stomach feels like it’s about to fail because I’m plagued with an unfitting employee.”

“That is unfortunate. Now, we should move to another room…”

“No, here is fine.”

Gunnard said. Then he muttered the password.

In an instant, wind magic was activated and the area around the reception desk was covered by a barrier.

This was a little trick a previous Guild Master had set up, allowing him to hear reports quickly.


“Now no one can hear us. So, what is it?”

“Very well, then.”

Kuders summoned some plants to cover them as well. Then he handed Gunnard the stack of papers.


“Broadly put, I want the project to be greatly expanded in scale. And then I shall travel to this village and oversee it as the leader. As for the guild’s reward, it will be ten percent of the village’s annual profit. Normally, it would be impossible to restore the village in such a short amount of time. There wouldn’t be any profits at all.”

“Yes. Such self-destructive requirement would be gladly accepted by them. But no other guilds would touch it. But, you are saying that you can make it happen? There will be enough profits?”

At the very least, Kuders had earth magic that was perfect for plants. Perhaps he would be able to do something about all of the dead crops.

However, this man clearly had other things in mind as well.


“I will double what they made last year and cause the landlord to quiver and shake.”

Gunnard looked through the plans and his eyes widened.


“…Are you sure?”

“Of course, I am. Do you really think something like this is too much for me?”

His smile was filled with the confidence of someone who had supported a country for hundreds of years as the Demon Emperor’s righthand man.

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  1. So let’s guess his goal here? I think he’s trying to gain recognition by fixing up and drastically improving the village’s situation so much that the nobles and even royalty will notice him and he will try to infiltrate and mingling with the aristocracy to uncover the plot of that baron’s daughter.

    • This seems like the rational course of action, but Kuders has shown time and time again that his version of rational does not match our version… I look forward to his next wacky course of action!

  2. This dude is the my pace kind of dude. Block him out of his way and he will simply pass by you without a care. It’s a correct decision to not leave him to his device with how destructive his powers are.


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