Flower Field Demon King – 32


“The first thing that bothered me, was that there are similar villages in this area, and yet this village took considerably more damage than them.”

Why had the dam that protected this village become so old without being repaired?

And why hadn’t people from neighboring villages come to help?


“And in spite of leaving the Adventurers to do all of the work, the local magistrate has not visited even once.”

Adelia said. Darten nodded deeply.

As for why the magistrate did not come, it was said that the villagers hated him. But they weren’t able to get any information on why that was.


In the first place, even if he couldn’t get help from people of the neighboring lands, it was unthinkable to ask for help from Adventurers.

Even more so, since he was leaving everything to them.

This method felt very malicious.


After all…most people thought of Adventurers as groups of misfits.

And there were no high-ranking Adventurers here, who were considered to be an exception.

But even if there were, their work usually involved fighting, and so this was no place for them to show their true prowess.


“There is a lot about this arrangement that is strange. I’ve heard the excuses, but all of them sound like an afterthought. There just isn’t any consistency to them…”

Adelia said with a dark expression. Darten nodded.


“That’s what I was thinking… I know that everyone hates this magistrate guy. But they all get really cagey when I ask them what the reason is. I feel like I’m being left out, you know? Sad, isn’t it?”

“I agree. It’s like…their hatred is similar to someone who had their family killed. Of course, workers did actually die because of that damn, so it’s true in a way. However, even people who didn’t lose anyone seem to feel the same way. There has to be a reason for it.”


As they shared opinions like this, all they discovered was that they had similar doubts. They did not learn anything new.

Though, neither had really expected to resolve anything now.

However, what they were doing wasn’t a waste either.


“Well, I feel better after talking about it. I don’t like to keep things on my chest, if you know what I mean.”

Darten said as he drained his cup and then got to his feet.

Adelia also had nothing left to say to him, and so she didn’t stop him.


“I also feel like a burden has been lifted, now that I know someone else has the same doubts. Well, you will tell me if you learn anything?”

“Yeah. And you should tell me if you learn anything too.”


They said. That’s when it happened.

There was a knock on Adelia’s door.


“E-excuse me. I, uh…”

It was the village chief who entered hesitantly.

She probably had some urgent news to share with Adelia.

Her hair was disheveled and her breathing hard.


“Oh, what is it?”

Adelia asked. The chief looked down once, calmed her breathing, and then looked up.

And then a strange light flashed into her eyes. Like balls of fire.


“The magistrate…he has come to the village.”

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