Flower Field Demon King – 8


“The rest can be left to nature. Reckless forcing culture will only rob the seedlings of energy. Besides, you shouldn’t mess with them too much, or your bad habits might affect it.”

Kuders said as he stood up and started to walk somewhere.

Zanatoria followed after him.


“And where are you going now?”

“…Why are you following me, Mister Zanato?”

Zanatoria had only called after him because Kuders was trying to leave the property.


“How dare you call me that! And…as if I could do such a horrible thing as unleashing you into the world! I may not be able to stop you completely, but I can at least follow you! You should be thankful!”


In the first place, Kuders was a slave and therefore not even allowed to leave the premises.

So in a way, Zanatoria was being very kind by not bashing him over the head without warning.


…Of course, this was partially because he knew that doing such a thing would mean nothing to Kuders.


“Ahahahaha! Thank you very much. By the way, Mister Zanato. Do you know how I can become an Adventurer?”

“…Do you even realize that you’re a slave? There is no way such a thing will be allowed!!”


“But I’m really more of a loafer, since I’m not being sold. I know, what if I promise to give you a small percentage of my earnings as an Adventurer?”

Zanatoria was at a loss for words.

But it was true. One of the biggest problems that plagued the lord of the merchant house was that Kuders was costing them money.


“Tsk…where did you get such an idea? Hmph. Very well. I will negotiate for you. Now, wait here until I return.”

So saying, he turned on his heels. But then he paused as if suddenly remembering something.


“Hey, why…why are you doing this all of a sudden? What do you want money for?”

Kuders didn’t even use money.

As for food…he used magic to make fruits and vegetables. And at night, he slept in a pile of flowers and leaves, so he didn’t need blankets.

So, why did he want money now? It was so strange that Zanatoria felt a chill go up his spine.


“Well, it’s obvious. I want some information. You always need information, no matter what you are doing. And you need funds in order to get information. Didn’t you know?”


“That…yes, of course, I knew that.”

What was this guy thinking?

Zanatoria looked at Kuders so hard that he might have drilled a hole right through him. And yet, he was ultimately unable to read anything in that smile.

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