I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 19


Wait a moment. Was this the reason why he had shown me the state Count Patorishiel’s man was in? And why he created this situation where we were alone together!?


“It seemed like something that you did not want Grol to hear. So I kept him out of the room. But you and I, we have nothing to hide from each other, is that not right, Kiara?”

So him coming into the room and getting rid of Grol, that was all to make it easier for me to open my mouth.

Who would think of such devilry!?


“Yo, you-, you’re evil, Reggie!”

I said without thinking, but it did not seem to change his mind.



His expression had now become very serious, I felt a little strength enter his hands as they gripped my shoulders.


“What do you know and how? What did you mean by warning me of events two years from now?”

“Uh, umm. It was a dream…”

I said so this afternoon, so I could only repeat it.


“You seemed to be much too confident in it for it to have been a dream?”

“Well, um, I happen to be quite devoted to the Eremia faith since Sunday School…”

“For someone who says that, you seem to ignore morning and evening prayers. Even your prayers for supper seem quite careless to me.”


My actions were the reason that I could not deceive him. Indeed, I had been acting like a textbook infidel. However, it was primarily due to my past life, I’ve never had much faith in religion…


After all, if God had been like the church preached, then surely he would have saved me from the family I was with in this life. Someone like Count Patorishiel would not have been able to adopt me.

If God were more like a machine, a systematic being, than maybe I could believe in him. It would be easier for me to believe that my existence as someone with memories from another world was due to an error, a malfunction.

The sound of the Goddess’ whistle was easier to understand if I thought of it as an error signal.

But Reggie’s intent to interrogate me could not be weakened.


“It’s not that I don’t believe…”

I said without thinking, Reggie continued on.


“What are you afraid of that you cannot tell me?”

Yes, was something that I could not say.

Because I did not want him to know. I could become just like Count Patorishiel’s man. Surely Reggie and the others would view me as a threat if I spoke.

…I just did not want them to hate me. That was what frightened me the most.


“Are you scared of me? Or is it telling me that you are scared of?”

Reggie asked. Eventually, he sighed as if in defeat when I did not open my mouth.


“Kiara, you are so used to being threatened. Then, should we do something that will make you think that it would be less frightening to talk?”


I was left in shock at his sudden change in direction.

Like, like strangling me by my neck? Or cutting me with his sword. Terrifying thoughts swirled through my head.

The feeling of fright would not go away.

After a moment of hesitation, I was still not able to say anything. Then, something suddenly touched my cheek. It was soft, something that could never be a danger to my skin. I blinked.


Was it, just now… His lips?!

The moment I realized that my cheek had been kissed, all my strength left my body and I felt like I wanted to sit down.

As if aiming for this result, Reggie began to whisper.


“Let me change the question. You wanted to become a magician, and so you were trying to research different things, were you not?”

“Why, how did you noti…”

How did he know so much? I asked in surprise before quickly closing my mouth again.

Oh, no. I had practically admitted it!

This was all Reggie’s fault. He was using seductive techniques on me! And also, Reggie. How do you even know how to do these things! You are only fifteen!

Reggie looked into my shaken face and smiled.


“When researching about the stone from the Thorn Princess, you didn’t seem frightened over the stone at all. Instead, you only cared about the magician. You were studying about it, weren’t you?”

That was what he had thought strange. And my reaction to seeing the death of the failed magician, it had made him think of the possibility, he said.


What an intelligent person, I groaned.

How did such a man get himself killed, so easily… No. It was clear that it was because of his intelligence that the Queen felt he was a threat and had him killed.


“But there are only a small few who are able to become magicians. I thought it was strange given that it was such an uncertain thing, but it seems that you were confident. That is why you said you would be a magician in two years and protect me.”

Why did I say all that! I wanted to go back in time and berate myself.

At this point, I was just wondering how someone with my brain could keep someone so perceptive as him on my side.

I finally had an idea.


“I do have my suspicions about that red drink. Because… I was forced to drink it as well.”

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    • How could she not tell Reggie? Shoulder hold to cheek kiss to whisper in the ear combo by a real honest to goodness dashing prince?! Our little two lifetimes virgin never really had a choice, that info was his.
      Thanks, to the translator, for the chapter.

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