I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 30 Part 1

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“It seems that he is very faithful to his master. It is taking a long time. However, we do know his weakness. I’m sure we will learn at least enough to make a report before things become foul.”


I nodded and attempted to return to my room. But Cain suddenly grabbed my hand.

It wasn’t strong or forceful. It was soft as if he had merely touched me on a whim.

“You should know, you do not have to try so hard.”

What was he saying? I look up and he had the wincing expression of watching something painful.

“You’re barely an adult. You’ve experienced so much misfortune up until now, that perhaps you have learned to swallow your emotions first. But there is no need to blame yourself for running from things you are not accustomed to.”

I was surprised that he had not only seen through me but had been concerned. Perhaps that was why, that even though I was honestly grateful and happy, I swallowed my words instead.

And so Cain continued, it was his attempt at lightening my heart.

“Women are often much more sensitive to matters of life and death. I believe that it is the right feeling to have, to fear the killing of others. And so even we wish to hide these things. Once a person’s hands are stained, they want to connect with something beautiful. You should allow them to protect you.”


I was quite sure that my face had reddened like a boiled octopus.

I had not expected to be referred to as something beautiful. It was embarrassing. It was quite unbearable.

I was surely not such a wonderful being, it made me want to bow and ask him to take it back.

Ahhh, if this was how things were to turn out, I should have just said ‘Thank you, Cain’ immediately! Then I would not have had to hear those embarrassing words!

Was it just me, or did people here say the most enticing things so casually!? Surely not? The cook’s apprentice, Harris. He was not too different from my classmates in junior high school?!

Or maybe it was the other thing. His age?

But then again, Reggie was a pretty smooth talker as well, wasn’t he?

Though with him, he had a way of coating the air with this alluring atmosphere. I can’t help but just listen!

It was a little too much for me to be able to reply, but my hand had gone up to my face, which made my internal reaction very obvious. Cain chuckled.

“It seems that you’re not accustomed to being praised.”

He was right, and I had no words to return.

And now he seemed quite confident as he held my hand once again…

What should I do? If this was my previous life, I would have fallen so hard by now.

I would probably be chasing him from the next day and making him sweets, wouldn’t I!?

Of course, I had enough self-control to know that now was not the time. I had to save Reggie, I had to shove undeniable evidence under Alan’s nose. We were in a situation where we could all die.

Even then, I was at a loss as to what to do. I was even forgetting how to breathe as I stood there.

Then Cain said,

“Ah, you now look much better than you did a moment ago.”


“It is not good to regret so much or to feel so low. It hinders your ability to make decisions. Now, you should go and rest. For tomorrow.”

“Oh, yes…”

He smiled and let go of my hand. I nodded, turned on my heels and walked away.

Um, had he done all of that just to rid me of the tension and inner torment?

Thinking this made it even more embarrassing.

Surely someone like Cain had been decently popular in life, he must have seen countless crazy girls like me. I could only hope that he saw it as such, and did not ponder on it… Or things would be very awkward from tomorrow on.

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